Why Was Mackenzie Fired From Teen Mom American Reality Television Series?

Want to know why Teen Mom dismissed Mackenzie? After appearing on the popular MTV show 16 and Pregnant in 2011, American reality television personality Mackenzie McKee rose to fame.

Later, McKee was also a part of Teen Mom 3, a spinoff series in which she appeared in its only season. In 2013, she co-starred with Briana DeJesus, Alex Sekella, and Katie Yeager.

McKee later joined the cast of Teen Mom OG following Bristol Palin’s departure from the show in August 2019. Mackenzie, a former television personality, was able to garner sufficient media attention after allegedly being fired from the long-running MTV series.

Mackenzie Mckee admitted that she cried for a full month following her dismissal from the show. However, the precise reason for her dismissal from the show has not yet been revealed.

Why Was Mackenzie Fired From Teen Mom Series

Let’s examine each and every detail to determine why Mackenzie was fired from Teen Mom.

Mackenzie Was Fired From Teen Mom for What Reason?

While it is unclear why MacKenzie was fired from her teen mom role, fans have proposed several theories as to why the 27-year-old was not asked to return for the new season.

In a series of tweets, the Teen Mom alum made it clear that the decision was not mutual, mocking the Dutch producers while slamming the producers.

Mackenzie stated in a tweet that she was only an hour away, but they still acted as if she didn’t exist and couldn’t explain why to her lawyer. This was seen as a reaction to one of her ex-co-stars being busy filming the spinoff series.

Mackenzie responded with her point of view, claiming that the producers filmed two entire seasons after that and that all they had to do was call her or her manager and explain, which she would have respected.

Did McKenzie Take a Shot at the Teen Mom Creators?

Despite the fact that Mackenzie was not a part of the spinoff, she did post a few tweets as many saw her doing a did at the show. The network and the maker’s Mackenzie stated that while she was recovering from death and marital problems, what MTV and the OGS did to her back to back was difficult for her.

While some of these tweets have since been deleted, they drew widespread attention. Earlier in an interview, the reality star stated that MTV was present when her first child was born, that they were also a huge part of her mother, that they always respected her, and that her mother also loved them.

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She went on to say how the pain had broken her, but she continued to open up her life to them, but when her voice didn’t sound like theirs, there was no longer any respect for her.

Why Was Mackenzie Fired From Teen Mom Series

Mackenzie announced her divorce from her husband Josh this year, after 12 years of marriage. She expressed her gratitude for the past 12 years with Josh and what they taught her, as well as the fact that she and Josh are still young and have their entire lives ahead of them.

While she didn’t say why she was preparing, Mackenzie did say that everyone has a story, and this is hers. She went on to say that the new version of herself recognizes that they are both walking away from this with deep scars and that their children love them both despite the pain they caused each other.

Did Mackenzie Mckee and Cheyenne Floyd Get Into a Fight?

While Mackenzie’s disappearance in the front of the spinoff sparked a lot of speculation, fans also assumed it had something to do with her heated feud with co-star Cheyenne Floyd.

Floyd had previously called Mackenzie “ignorant” for making a racist comment on her social media. Mackenzie stated that there are many incredible women in the world for her daughters to look up to and see as role models, but Kamala Harris is not one of them.

The problematic statement continued, “It blows my mind that out of all the amazing black women in the world, Harris is the one making history.”

Why Was Mackenzie Fired From Teen Mom Series

While Mackenzie has since apologized for her remarks, they drew criticism for a variety of reasons, and fans speculated that this was the reason she was not asked to return to the show.

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