How Old Was Kelly Mcgillis in Top Gun: What is Her Current Location?

Fans are curious about Kelly McGillis’s age in the 1980s classic as they compare contemporary photographs of the celebrity to vintage images.

Despite being one of the most anticipated summer films of 2022, McGillis did not reprise her role as Tom Cruise’s love interest. An online comparison photo of the actress and Tom Cruise made headlines this week despite the fact that she was not in the newest Top Gun film.

Some have questioned Kelly McGillis’ age in Top Gun after comparing a photo of the two actors from 1986 and one from today.

Who Exactly is Kelly Mcgillis?

American actress Kelly Ann McGillis works in both theatre and film. She is well-known for her roles in films like Kathryn Murphy in The Accused, Charlie in Top Gun, Made in Heaven, and Rachel Lapp in Witness, for which she received nominations for a Golden Globe and a BAFTA.

How Old Was Kelly Mcgillis in Top Gun?

Kelly McGillis was 27 years old when she portrayed Charlotte “Charlie” Blackwood in Top Gun. She has appeared in 40 movies in total, 35 of them since the release of Top Gun. She is currently 65 years old.

How Old Was Kelly Mcgillis in Top Gun

What is Kelly Mcgillis Current Location?

Before the now-65-year-old actress rose to fame in the 1980s due to the success of Top Gun, a traumatic incident at her home traumatized her.

Two men reportedly entered her flat in 1982, threatened her with a knife, and sexually assaulted her. According to people, the incident stayed with McGillis as she began her acting career and led her to become dependent on alcohol.

According to the Reading Eagle, the actress has been sober since 2001, although she also took a break from Hollywood around this time.
McGillis withdrew from the public eye for approximately six years before appearing in the 2008 television drama The L Word.

Since re-entering the entertainment industry 14 years ago, the actress has appeared in a number of films and television series, her most recent being the anthology series Dirty John, which also starred Christian Slater, Connie Britton, and Julia Garner.

Why Isn’t Kelly Mcgillis in Top Gun: Maverick Alongside Tom Cruise?

Kelly McGillis rose to prominence as the flight instructor in Top Gun who falls in love with Tom Cruise. But what happened to Kelly McGillis, who doesn’t appear in the sequel, which was released more than 30 years later?

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In the sequel, Tom Cruise’s Pete “Maverick” Mitchell returns to train younger Top Gun graduates, including his late best friend Goose’s son, Rooster, for a unique mission (Miles Teller).

In the 2022 film, flashbacks show Goose Bradshaw, played by Anthony Edwards in 1986, and his wife Carole Bradshaw, played by Meg Ryan. Ryan, however, was not the only performer who did not receive a second chance for Top Gun: Maverick.

How Old Was Kelly Mcgillis in Top Gun

Kelly McGillis, who played Maverick’s love interest, Charlie, in Top Gun, does not appear in the sequel. Instead, Penny Benjamin (Jennifer Connelly), who is mentioned but not shown in the original film as the admiral’s daughter with a history with Maverick, is reconnected with the pilot.

McGillis told Entertainment Tonight in 2019 (during the filming of Top Gun: Maverick) that her advancing age was the reason she wasn’t asked back, but director Joseph Kosinski told Insider that McGillis and Ryan won’t be back because their roles would interfere with the new stories.

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