Click Here to Know, Where is Pam Hupp Now and Who is She?

If like us, you cannot wait to sink your true-crime-loving teeth into The Thing About Pam, you are likely counting down the days, hours, and minutes until its UK release.

You may also be wondering what the six-part series is actually about, as well as who the real-life people are behind the drama. Now that the trailer for the upcoming show has been released, we’re more eager than ever to watch it, and we’ve turned to Google to find out who Pam Hupp is and, more importantly, where she is now.

Fortunately, we have now completed all of that laborious research for you, so if you also have some pressing questions about Pam Hupp, here is everything you need to know.

Who is Pam Hupp?

In 2011, Pam Hupp was the one who drove her close friend Betsy Faria home from chemotherapy. Later that same day, Betsy was discovered dead with more than 50 stab wounds. Hupp was able to persuade Betsy Faria to name her as the sole beneficiary of her life insurance policy, which was worth a total of one hundred fifty thousand dollars, just four days before Faria was murdered.

Where is Pam Hupp Now

Even though Hupp was the last person to see Betsy Faria alive, her husband, Russel Faria, was arrested on suspicion of her murder. The basis for this arrest was the fact that the couple’s home appeared to have been the scene of a domestic struggle, with blood smeared all around the house.

In addition to this, Hupp accused Faria of having a volatile temper and pointed the finger of blame at him to the authorities. She went so far as to encourage them to look through his laptop, where they discovered a note that was purportedly written by Betsy Faria and claimed that she lived in constant fear that her husband would kill her.

Faria was found guilty of first-degree murder by a jury in 2013, despite the fact that he had numerous alibi witnesses and evidence, such as surveillance camera footage and a receipt from a trip to the movies.

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In spite of this, Faria filed an appeal after two years, which resulted in him being found not guilty by a judge.

Where is Pam Hupp Now?

A year after Faria’s acquittal, Hupp was charged with the murder of Louis Gumpenberger, whom she had staged to look like an intruder as part of a plan she had devised to frame Faria as a violent person. Gumpenberger’s body was found one year after Hupp was charged with the murder of Gumpenberger.

Where is Pam Hupp Now

At the time, Hupp told the authorities that Gumpenberger had been hired on behalf of Faria to threaten her life. However, in 2019, she entered a “best-interest plea,” which means that although she did not plead guilty, she acknowledged that prosecutors had enough evidence to convict her.

This is in contrast to when she initially told the authorities that Gumpenberger had been hired on behalf of Faria to threaten her life. As a consequence of this, she was spared the death penalty but given a sentence of life imprisonment instead.

At this time, she is serving her sentence at the Chillicothe Correctional Center in the state of Missouri. After she was found guilty, the prosecutors reopened the investigation into Betsy Faria’s death, and in July 2021, they charged Hupp with her murder.

Regarding the accusations made against Hupp, Russell Faria was quoted as saying, “I would just like to say that this was a long time coming.” “I am doing what I can to assist, and I am eagerly awaiting the day that this matter will be brought to trial.

The trial of Hupp, who is being charged with the murder of her friend, is currently ongoing, and the prosecution is seeking the death penalty for Hupp. At a press conference, the Lincoln County Prosecutor, Mike Wood, stated that he does not view the decision to seek the death penalty as something to be taken lightly.

Where is Pam Hupp Now

“However, this case is unique in its heinousness and depravity, to the point where it revolts the conscience. The first episode of The Thing About Pam aired on NBC on March 8, and we are hopeful that it will soon be available to stream in the United Kingdom.

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