How Did Hashirama Die: How Old Was Hashirama When He Died?

The majority of the Hokage deaths in Naruto can be explained: Tobirama Senju perished while acting as a distraction; Hiruzen Sarutobi and Minato Namikaze perished using the Reaper Death Seal, and Tobirama Senju perished while acting as a distraction.

Hashirama Senju is the only Hokage whose demise remains shrouded in mystery. Nobody is aware of the manner of the First Hokage’s death, as neither the anime nor the manga addresses the specifics of his demise.

Without any official information, fans are left to speculate on the possible causes of death. Various hypotheses and conclusions have been developed about Hashirama based on the available data.

In Naruto, Who Was Hashirama Senju?

Hashima Senju, the head of the mighty Senju clan, was the only one powerful enough to compete with the Uchiha during the Warring States Period of Naruto.

How Did Hashirama Die

Together with his former rival Madara Uchiha, he co-founded the Hidden Leaf Village. His signature Wood Style Jutsu and his proficiency with Sage Jutsu were his two most powerful weapons.

Later, he became the first person to hold the position of Hokage, the village’s chief and most skilled ninja. He is largely responsible for the village system and rank-based assignments that govern how the modern ninja world operates.

Although he was a good, modest, and straightforward man, he would kill anyone who endangered him, his clan, or his village.

How Did Hashirama Die?

If Hashirama died in battle, he could have died in one of several ways. Hashima Senju could have been defeated by overwhelming numbers, as the Third Raikage was; if he is truly stronger than this Raikage, he would require a force of over 10,000 shinobi.

He could have been assassinated, but given Kakuzu’s canonical failure to do so, that seems unlikely as well. Madara may have seriously injured him during their final battle, affecting his performance in future fights and ultimately costing him his life.

He may have made a noble sacrifice, which would be consistent with his character. There are numerous ways to die in a fight, whether you are strong or not.

Many people believe Hashirama died of natural causes, such as old age or disease. Such a mundane death would have no reason to be depicted on screen, which explains why it was never covered.

It’s also comforting to know that a man who spent his life working for peace was allowed to die peacefully. Natural death, on the other hand, is frequently rejected due to the Reanimation Jutsu.

This technique appears to return people to the state they were in at the time of death, including their age and the clothing they were wearing. It’s assumed Hashirama died in battle because he returned looking relatively young and fully armoured.

Again, given his strength, that’s difficult to believe. There could be another explanation for Hashirama’s behaviour. Madara, after all, was reanimated in a similar state, but his death was confirmed to be as an old man in robes.

How Did Hashirama Die

Under the right conditions, the user of the Reanimation Jutsu may have some control over how subjects are brought back. That makes sense because Orochimaru and Kabuto, respectively, brought back Hashirama and Madara; one is a scientist, and the other is his successor.

These two would most likely try to alter the Reanimation to bring Hashirama and Madara back to their prime. That would also explain why Hiruzen was resurrected as an old man; no one had time to change his body, so he returned exactly as he died.

If all of this is true, the true cause of Hashirama’s death should remain a mystery. Some believe Hashirama died in an ironic way because of his healing ability.

Madara Uchiha claimed to have regenerative abilities and didn’t even need a hand sign to use them. However, the same technique could have shortened his life by causing Hashirama to reach his Hayflick limit or by causing malignant tumours.

It is also possible that Hashirama died as a result of illness. He, like Itachi and Kimimaro, could have contracted something that would have killed him. Even the God of Shinobi is susceptible to disease.

The true cause of Hashirama’s death may never be known. There is a way to say he could survive all the things that could kill him. That’s why it’s so difficult to imagine him dying.

When Hashirama Died, He Was How Old?

Hashirama’s granddaughter was conceived 50 years prior to Naruto’s promotion to Genin, before she was even born. Tsunade served as the fifth Hokage during a time when Konoha required a leader.

During the latter half of the Naruto series, she was 55 years old. Based on these details, Hashirama likely passed away between the ages of 50 and 60.

Did Tobirama Die Before Hashirama?

Tobirama, in my opinion, is a strict individual who is concerned about the welfare of others in the village. Following the demise of Hashirama, he became the second Hokage to assume leadership.

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So Tobirama passed away before Hasirama? Tobirama did not pass away prior to becoming the first Hokage because he was the second Hokage after Hashirama.

Tobirama engaged in combat with Kumogakure’s forces, and as a result, he sacrificed himself as a ruse. He took this action in order to help his troops flee the conflict.

How Did Hashirama Die

It happened at the time of the second major Shinobi war. He made certain that Hiruzen would be chosen to succeed him as the Third Hokage before he passed away.

Despite the fact that Hashirama was the strongest shinobi Naruto has ever seen, many unanswered questions remain regarding how and by whom he was killed.

He possessed some of the most powerful abilities, making it impossible for one man to defeat him by himself. Kakuzu attempted to kill him, but he was able to fight back and kill Kakuzu in the process.

During the numerous battles he engaged in, Hashirama may have sustained some injuries, but thanks to his healing Jutsu abilities, he was able to maintain his strength. No one knows for sure how Hashirama died or who did it—it could have been someone,

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