Lighter and Princess Episode 25 & 26 Release Date: Where Can I View This?

The release dates for episodes 25 and 26 of Lighter and Princess are now available, and we can’t wait to share more information with the fans.

Before discussing the premiere dates for Lighter and Princess Episodes 25 and 26 and how to watch Lighter and Princess Episodes 25 and 26 online, here is a brief synopsis of the program.

Based on Jinjiang author Twentine’s book “Lighter and Princess,” the Chinese drama. It traces Zhu Yun’s friendship with the colourful programmer Li Xun from college to the workplace.

Zhu Yun is a courageous and resilient young lady. Even though they make a number of turns, they advance as a unit. The “rogue boy” Li Xun shows up as soon as Zhu Yun enrols in college and completely alters her life.

Zhu Yun views him as his affluent, uneducated, and incompetent son despite the fact that he was admitted as a special enrollment candidate and is a rare coding prodigy.

The couple eventually starts to respect one another after many arguments. Li Xun steps up to defend Zhu Yun when her superior Fang Zhi Jing consistently puts her in danger.

Lighter And Princess Episode 25 & 26 Release Date

Additionally, he extends an invitation to her to join the team he has assembled in order to prepare for and win a significant coding competition on behalf of the university. Despite coming from different families, the couple bravely reunites as they coexist and

Lighter And Princess Episode 25 & 26 Release Date

The release date for episodes 25 and 26 of Lighter and Princess is November 22, 2022. At 7:10 PM CST, Youku will broadcast episodes 25 and 26 of Lighter and Princess.

According to otakukart, Lighter and Princess episodes, 25 and 26 will be broadcast internationally at 4:30 PM IST, 5:10 PM PT, 8:10 PM EST, 10:10 AM KST (November 23), and 12:10 PM AEDT.

Recap of the Lighter and Princess Episodes

Li Xun did not respond when Zhu Yun called. Li Xun ignored Zhu Yun’s attempts to speak with him at the company in the hopes that he would be able to provide an explanation.

But he claimed that he purposefully enraged Zhu Yun’s parents because of his career. Zhu Yun believes that Li Xun does not have to pay his tuition fees when travelling abroad, despite the fact that Li Xun is unenthusiastic about going because his family is uninterested in him, and he frequently uses morals to force himself.

She even started to doubt Li Xun’s motivations after he suggested going home to visit his family. When Li Xun asked Zhu Yun to leave, the argument between the two came to an abrupt end.

Li Xun did not want to stay after Zhu Yun informed him that he would not be coming back. Zhu Yun escaped to Ren Di because she had somewhere else to go. Li Xun was unknown to her today.

Ren Di convinced Zhu Yun to inquire because he believed Li Xun might be having some problems. Zhu Yun felt compelled to visit the business once more and locate Li Xun.

He kindly asked Li Xun to elaborate on what he had said, but Li Xun remained silent. Xu Lina showed up instead. Zhu Yun fled in tears as Xu Lina seized Li Xun’s hand to demonstrate her superiority.

Xu Lina abruptly contacted Ren Di and requested to speak with Zhu Yun. Zhu Yun was hesitant to visit Xu Lina. Xu Lina said she wanted to know more about Zhu Yun’s plan because she was about to graduate.

Due to his lack of interest in Xu Lina, Zhu Yun avoided her. Xu Lina made fun of Zhu Yun’s family for losing a gem by saying that she had been fascinated with Li Xun’s company and that she should return to participate in it.

Zhu Yun seems too innocent, according to Xu Lina. Li Xun had once told her that she was going to visit Xu Lina’s father soon and that she wanted to develop Jili quickly rather than gradually.

Lighter And Princess Episode 25 & 26 Release Date

Li Xun was asked by Zhu Yun about his promise to Xu Lina. Li Xun asserted that Zhu Yun was the true owner of 50% of the claimed assets. Li Xun should have made plans before seeing Zhu Yun’s parents because Zhu Yun sobbed and accused Li Xun of disrespecting her faith.

Li Xun was also warned by Zhu Yun that if he tried to leave today, their romance would end. Li Xun kept expressing her desire to leave. Li Xun was questioned about whether a plan had been made, but he refused to say so and just sped off, leaving Zhu Yun behind.

She became ill after Zhu Yun left and spent the rest of the day outside. She immediately jumped up and began looking for her phone. Liu Ailin acknowledged that she had kept Zhu Yun from visiting Li Xun while keeping the information to herself.

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Zhu Yun believed that it mattered whether Fang Zhijing was hurt, despite Zhu Guangyi’s reluctance to push her down. As a result, she had to meet Li Xun, and after doing so, she reprimanded her parents for never looking at the situation from Li Xun’s point of view.

The parents also thought that this kind of Zhu Yun was strange because they thought that Fang Zhijing might have previously had an eye pulled and that Li Xun was a bad person who had committed numerous sins.

Lighter And Princess Episode 25 & 26 Release Date

When Zhu Yun refused to eat the food, her parents frequently locked her in her room and occasionally changed the food. Li Xun was consequently penalized for malicious harm. When Zhu Yun eventually became ill, the doctor discovered that he had attempted suicide.

Where Can I View Episodes 25 & 26 of Lighter & Princess?

Lighter And Princess Episodes 25 & 26 will be available on Viu and Rakuten Viki at the times and dates listed above for Lighter And Princess Episodes viewers outside of China. Viki is available per month for $4.99.

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