Who is Sabrina Carpenter Dating: Her Past Relationships Details!

Sabrina Carpenter, an actress, singer, and dancer made her way into our hearts and onto our television screens as Girl Meets World’s Maya.

Despite the fact that the show was cancelled after only three seasons, she has continued to do so much in her career and has many fans. Sabrina recently joined a cast of talented young actors in the Netflix film Tall Girl 2.

Due to the fact that she has never really left the spotlight since her Disney Channel series made headlines, some fans may be curious about her current relationship status.

Sabrina is quite open on social media and in interviews about her personal life, so fans are naturally curious. According to recent reports about Sabrina’s dating life, her potential new partner may surprise you. Here is everything we currently know.

Sabrina Carpenter Dating Past Relationship Details

Sabrina Carpenter Past Relationship With Bradley Steven Perry

On the set of their television series “Girl Meets World,” where Sabrina was portraying the lead character Maya Hart, the two people first spoke in 2014.

Who is Sabrina Carpenter Dating

After Bradley allegedly asked Sabrina out by writing a letter and sealing it in a bottle, she reportedly said yes. Even though the couple shared many Instagram-worthy moments, there were rumours that Bradley was envious of Sabrina’s other male friends, and eventually, the couple’s relationship began to falter.

The couple separated in 2015. While Sabrina appeared to have moved on, Bradley was liking the tweets of the contentious Twitter account @Causewereguys and posting on social media, possibly making a reference to how much he missed her.

They are still social media followers of one another as of 2022.

Bradley Simpson With Sabrina Carpenter

When Sabrina joined Simpson’s band The Vamps on tour as a featured performer in 2017, there were rumours that the two were dating. Fans had been speculating about their relationship since Sabrina had shared numerous photos of them together on social media.

Sabrina quickly dispelled rating rumours, saying “We completely ignore it,” in an interview with Seventeen magazines. First, I had no idea about any of this myself. Bradley uses social media sparingly as well.

We probably just try to stay as grounded in reality as we can. They are still close friends.

Sabrina Carpenter Dating With Corey Fogelmanis

Since Sabrina and Corey co-starred in Girl Meets World, fans have long believed that they are romantically involved due to their close friendship.

Who is Sabrina Carpenter Dating

When Sabrina wrote on Instagram on Corey’s birthday, Happy birthday, Corey, you’re a great friend, and I’m honoured to know you, and not date you, the rumours were quickly put to rest.

I appreciate you supporting me without dating me. I adore you a lot. Platonically. They continue to be good friends and social media followers as of 2022.

Sabrina Carpenter Dating With Griffin Gluck

The first Netflix film that featured Griffin and Sabrina was titled “Tall Girl.” As a result of their social media posts, which included pictures of them kissing in Disneyland and wearing matching Halloween costumes, there were soon rumours that they were dating.

Sabrina never explicitly stated if she was dating Griffin, but Bustle reported that they had broken up in August 2020.

Sabrina Carpenter Dating With Jeremy Bassett

In July 2020, Joshua and Sabrina Carpenter were first seen together at a “Black Lives Matter” demonstration. They later had lunch together in Los Angeles, and the paparazzi captured the moment on camera.

While the couple largely kept their rumoured relationship a secret, in October 2020, they dressed as the fictional characters Sharkboy and Lavagirl for Halloween, which reignited dating rumours.

Here are some clips of them from Halloween in 2020: The rumoured couple was spotted together in Park City, Utah, in January 2021. A fan saw them and shared a photo of them on Twitter.

This was a few days prior to the release of Olivia Rodrigo’s single “Driving Licence,” in which she accused Bassett of cheating on her and claimed to be his rumoured ex-girlfriend.

Fans appeared to be persuaded of Sabrina and Bassett’s romance by this. Later in 2021, Sabrina allegedly responded to Olivia’s message in “Driving Licence” with her single “Skins,” which she released.

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Joshua and Sabrina’s relationship cannot, however, be verified since neither person’s representative has made it known to the public.

Who is Sabrina Carpenter’s Current Boyfriend?

Age isn’t just a number for some people! Sabrina appears to be dating an older man. According to the publication, the actress has been causing dating rumours with actor Dylan O’Brien, who is eight years her senior.

Who is Sabrina Carpenter Dating

In reality, celebrities frequently form romantic relationships with partners who are younger than them, ranging from Gabrielle Union and Dwayne Wade to Queen Bey and Jay-Z.

However, age remains a contentious issue in romance, as evidenced by Sabrina’s dating history, especially since Dylan has previously dated younger women. Of course, it has become common for celebrities to be seen kissing and clearly enjoying themselves without an official title.

It hasn’t stopped social media from assuming Sabrina and Dylan are a new couple. Because many celebrities like to play the denial card or simply avoid discussing their romantic lives before confirming a relationship, social media users believe that the proof is in the pudding.

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