Darcey and Stacey Before Surgery: Her Face Differences From 2017 to 2022!

None of the cast members from the 90-Day Fiancé franchise has undergone plastic surgery to the extent that Darcey Silva has. The twin first made an appearance on 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days, where she displayed her tumultuous relationships with Tom Brooks and Jesse Meester.

Stacey Silva’s twin sister Darcey then appeared alongside her on the show Darcey & Stacey, where both sisters discussed their romantic relationships and plastic surgery procedures.

Since she first appeared in the 90-Day Fiancé series, Darcey’s appearance has undergone significant change. Darcey and Stacey are honest about their procedures, unlike many reality TV stars who try to minimize or lie about the work they had done.

The twins underwent numerous procedures before turning 48 last month. They underwent extensive surgery in Turkey, which included breast augmentations, Brazilian butt lifts, and liposuction.

Among the numerous surgeries Darcey underwent, she also disclosed having a rhinoplasty, lip injections, veneers, and the contentious fox eye procedure.

Darcey and Stacey Before Surgery

Although both sisters are now Darcey & Stacey stars, viewers have paid more attention to Darcey’s appearance since they saw her transformation on Before the 90 Days.

Darcey Silva of 90 Day Fiancé In 2017

In 2017, Darcey joined the 90-Day Fiancé franchise with the premiere of Before the 90 Days. Darcey, a 42-year-old mother, was introduced as dating Jesse, a younger man from the Netherlands.

Darcey, who has performed numerous photo edits for 90DF, appeared on the season with dark hair. In 2017, many viewers remarked on Darcey’s natural beauty despite the rapid deterioration of her relationship with Jesse.

Darcey Silva of 90 Day Fiancé In 2018

The following year, Darcey and Jesse returned for the second season of Before the 90 Days. Darcey dyed her hair blonde, a colour she has maintained since 2022.

While dating Jesse, the 43-year-old woman had not made any significant changes to her appearance.

Darcey Silva of 90 Day Fiancé In 2019

Darcey Silva returned for the third season of Before the 90 Days at the age of 44. However, Darcey was dating Tom Brooks at the time. Darcey began discussing her transformation at the beginning of the season, as she desired cosmetic procedures prior to meeting Tom.

Darcey of 90DF, whose cosmetic procedures are questioned, received cold laser therapy and filler under her eyes alongside Stacey, although she had not yet undergone any significant changes.

Darcey was pleased with the outcomes and noted that she feels more like herself afterwards.

Darcey Silva, From 90 Day Fiancé, is Darcey Silva. In 2020

Together with Tom, 45-year-old Darcey appeared in her final season of Before the 90 Days in 2020. At this point, she resembled Darcey from 2022 more than Darcey from 2017, when she first appeared in the franchise.

Darcey began the season with noticeable differences, such as fuller lips. The first season of Darcey & Stacey premiered later in the year and focused primarily on the sisters’ transformations.

Darcey Silva of 90 Day Fiancé in 2021

Darcey and Stacey Before Surgery

Season 2 of Darcey & Stacey premiered in 2021 when Darcey and Stacey from 90 Day Fiancé were 46 years old. The sisters were very forthcoming about their plastic surgery procedures, including their trip to Turkey to have virtually their entire bodies lifted.

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Darcey Silva of 90 Day Fiancé In 2022

Darcey reached the age of 48 in 2022 after celebrating her birthday in September, and she has continued to undergo plastic surgery. Darcey and Stacey were criticized for undergoing multiple procedures, including a fox eye procedure earlier in the year.

Darcey and Stacey disregard the critics of 90 Day Fiancé despite their decision to be open about their procedures.

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