How Old Was Joseph When He Married Mary: 3 Bible Facts About Joseph You Should Know!

Christmas is the largest celebration of the Christian community and a symbol of joy and zeal. The Christian community celebrated it as Jesus’ birthday.

Do you know the details of Christ’s birth? An angel named Gabriel appeared to Mary in Nazareth thousands of years ago and informed her that she would become pregnant by the Holy Spirit and give birth to a son named Jesus.

Miriam was Joseph’s fiancée at the time. Upon hearing this, Joseph decided to abandon Mary out of fear of slander. But knowing Joseph’s thoughts, the same angel told him that Mary is pregnant with the Holy Spirit and to bring him here without fear.

Accepting the angel’s advice, Joseph marries Mary at age 12.5 and brings her home. There is no indication in the Holy Bible of Joseph’s age when he married Mary.

The History of Joseph the Carpenter was composed between the sixth and seventh centuries in Egypt. Joseph was 90 years old when he wed Mary.

How Old Was Joseph When He Married Mary

How Old Was Joseph When He Married Mary?

There is no conclusive response. Some believe that Joseph was likely much older than Mary, and possibly a widower. Others estimate that he was in his early twenties. Others, including myself, are clueless.

The only plausible theory is that Joseph was dead by the time Jesus began his ministry, as he is never mentioned during Jesus’ ministry, whereas Mary is. During his crucifixion, Jesus asks John to care for Mary, which he would not have needed to do if Joseph were still alive.

How Was the Engagement of Joseph and Mary Preserved?

Mary and Joseph were betrothed, but an event forever altered their lives. Before Joseph had sexual relations with his wife, she was pregnant. When Joseph discovered this, he began to consider how he could cancel the engagement without drawing attention to himself.

However, an angel of the Lord appeared to Joseph and told him that the Holy Spirit facilitated the conception of his wife. The angel also informed Joseph that the infant would one day become the world’s saviour.

In addition, he gives Joseph the name he will bear when he is born.

3 Bible Facts About Joseph You Should Know

Aside from the fact that Joseph was the earthly father of Jesus Christ, there are some facts about him that you may not be aware of.

1. His Words Were Not Recorded in the Bible

The Bible does not contain much information about Joseph. The Bible does not contain all of his words. According to what we can deduce, Joseph was a man who was focused on fulfilling God’s mandate for Jesus’ life, so he did his best to protect his wife Mary and the child, Jesus.

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2. His Exit From the Gospels is Not Explained

Joseph was last mentioned in the Bible when he and Mary were looking for Jesus and found him in the temple. And his parents were taken aback when they saw him. Son, why have you treated us so badly?” his mother asked.

How Old Was Joseph When He Married Mary

Your father and I have been desperately searching for you.” After this incident, Joseph’s name was never mentioned again in the Gospels, leading some to speculate that he died soon after.

3. He Was a Just Man

According to the book of Matthew, Joseph was a just and righteous man. God didn’t want his son growing up in the wrong hands. As a result, in his divine wisdom, he chose Joseph’s home. Before deciding what to do when he discovered Mary was pregnant, Joseph contemplated it.

In his dream, an angel eventually appeared and told him what to do. Joseph heeded the angel’s advice and named the newborn Jesus.

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