What Happened to Michael Afton: How Are Michael and Elizabeth Afton Connected?

Michael Afton is the main character in the Five Nights at Freddy’s video game series. He is William Afton’s son and Elizabeth Afton’s older brother.

Mike is commonly considered the Older Brother, though many fans believe he could be The Crying Child.

What Happened to Michael Afton?

Michael Afton body eventually spasms, and he regurgitates Ennard’s robotic parts into the sewer. He is presumed dead and lying on the ground.

How Exactly Did Michael Afton Die?

Michael Afton is the eldest son and the last to die from the Ennard family. He began his employment at Circus Baby’s Pizza World… Says “You won’t die”. The FNaF 6 Fire later consumes him.

Michael Afton may be a robot. Indeed, he is a robot. It would make more sense if it were Evan (Crying Child), but he says Michael in Fnaf 6. We are aware that Afton takes extreme measures to protect his children.

What Happened to Michael Afton

How Did Michael Afton Look Prior to His Death?

Henry then burned down the pizzeria in order to free the souls. Michael Afton died after deciding to remain inside. Michael was a Caucasian male with brown hair and blue eyes prior to his capture.

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After being scooped up, his body began to rot until his skin turned purple, he lost his hair, and his eyes turned black with white pupils.

How Are Michael and Elizabeth Afton Connected?

Michael Afton is the first child of William Afton and Elizabeth Afton’s older brother. After she died in Circus Baby’s custody, William Afton dispatched Michael to Circus Baby’s Entertainment and Rental to rescue her.

Function in Related Location

Michael Afton is the main protagonist of Sister Location, serving as one of the animatronics technicians and being referred to as Eggs Benedict (due to HandUnit’s malfunctioning keyboard).

Throughout the nights, he performs the duties of his job, but it is eventually revealed that his father sent him to the facility to find his sister.

Michael Afton Appearance

In the entirety of Sister Location, Michael Afton is only seen in appearance twice. The first time he is seen, he is a shadowy figure in the Real Ending.

The second time, he is seen walking down the street in the Custom Night minigames, and he has brown hair, fair skin, blue eyes, a purple shirt, blue pants, and brown shoes.

Both of these appearances take place in the Real Ending. However, as you progress through the minigames, his skin will become increasingly rotten as a result of Ennard hiding inside his body.

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