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The CW's hit show All American has a lot of teen angst and high drama, which is typical for the network. However, the real story behind the football show is just as interesting.

All American is about Spencer James, played by Daniel Ezra, who is a star wide receiver at his Crenshaw, South Los Angeles, high school.

James's life is turned upside down when he moves uptown to Beverly Hills High School and becomes a defensive player on the school's football team.

The show is now in its third season. It came back in 2018 and found a big audience almost right away. On the show, Taye Diggs plays the Beverly football coach, and Samantha Logan plays his troubled daughter Olivia.

Part of what makes All American interesting is that it is based on the real life of NFL star Spencer Paysinger, who started his career with the New York Giants.

Spencer James in Ezra is a fictionalized version of Paysinger. The former NFL player works on the show as a producer, an executive consultant, and even as Assistant Coach Davis.

Who is Spencer James Based on

Even though his oversight probably makes the show seem more real, All American is different from his real life in a few important ways.

Who is Spencer James Based on?

In 2018, Paysinger hung up his cleats after a long career in the NFL, the same year that All American premiered on the CW. According to ESPN, the purpose of the show was to dramatise the collision of worlds that the defensive back who won the Super Bowl experienced during his teenage years.

Paysinger was a star athlete who hailed from a gang-infested neighborhood in South Los Angeles. Like the fictionalized Spencer James, Paysinger earned the opportunity to play football in the more affluent Beverly Hills neighborhood.

Paysinger claims that he never really felt at home in either of these worlds, and while All American does depict some of that tension, it also takes some creative license's here and there.

Because of a multicultural programmer that brought students in from underserved areas of the city, Paysinger was able to enroll at Beverly Hills High School.

In order for him to get there, he had to suffer through an arduous commute through the traffic in Los Angeles, which began each day with a wake-up call at four in the morning.

It is difficult to adequately describe the level of violence that existed in South Los Angeles during Paysinger's formative years there. The professional linebacker recalled a particular incident in which he heard gunshots following a championship baseball game that was taking place in a nearby park. T

he game was taking place at the time. His mother was understandably worried about the violence, and she was concerned that Paysinger might suffer serious consequences as a result of wearing the incorrect colors to school.

As a child, Paysinger went to great lengths to protect himself from harm. In the past, he would stay the night at his grandparents' house so that he would not have to navigate the neighborhood after dark.

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Moving from that setting to the affluent neighbourhood of Beverly Hills was the most extreme form of culture shock. Executive Consultant Dane Morck was drawn to the series because of the dramatic contrast in Paysinger's life story when he was first introduced to it.

According to comments that Morck made to ESPN, “one of the things that I always found interesting about Los Angeles was the stark contrast in communities that are just sitting side by side.”

Who is Spencer James Based on

“This has always been something that has interested me because when you grow up in a place like this, you tend to keep your head down and deal with whatever is immediately in front of you.

I also realized at the same time that I was speaking to someone who had found success in a difficult space, and he was a modern-day kind of hero in his path, in his journey, and that really appealed to me.

I was talking to someone who had found success in a hard space.”

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