Is Lee Asher Married to Luke Barton: Are They Still Together?

Lee Asher and Luke Barton are well-known for rescuing dogs from animal shelters and finding them permanent homes. Luke is more involved behind the scenes, although Lee has appeared on the Animal Planet/Discovery+ show My Pack Life.

Additionally, Usher and Barton tour the world in an RV. They have acquired more than five hundred dogs and will continue to do wonderful things in the future.

Is Lee Asher Married to Luke Barton?

At this time, Kam Asher is not married and does not have a significant other. In the past, he had a relationship with Ana Rubiolo, but they did not end up getting married.

Lee and Luke both had jobs at RV Traveler, which is how they first became acquainted with one another. Since the first time they met, the two have collaborated on a number of endeavor's, including travelling and saving puppies in need of homes.

It seemed as though Usher and Barton, his partner, were destined to spend their lives together. They are both interested in RV vacations taking the same route.

Is Lee Asher Married to Luke Barton

They encourage individuals in the community to adopt pets rather than purchase them and instruct them on how to properly train their dogs.

They have not discussed their romantic involvement in any public forum, including social media or television, however they have both made appearances on Ellen.

There have been 511 thousand individuals who have watched a video of her that was uploaded to Ellen DeGeneres' channel on YouTube and went viral. People notice the two of them going from place to place in the country to speak about the work they do with animal rescue organization's.

In addition to this, they collaborate with other animal shelters and create unique events with the purpose of showcasing rescued canines.

Are Lee Asher and Luke Barton Still Together?

Asher Lee and Luke Barton remain together until 2022. They are not brothers, but they are travelling the world together in an RV as close friends.

They are not related by blood, but rather through the heart. Lee and Luke are not connected by blood or from the same family, but they share a desire for more individuals to adopt animals from shelters.

Asher left his 9-to-5 office job to pursue his current endeavor's. Barton was similarly always behind the camera, and it was via his profession that he met the creator of Usher House.

While photographing the photographer's dogs, he encountered a man who saves animals, he said. Both methods succeeded, and he was able to rescue the shelter pups since he was a passenger in an RV. The remainder is history.

How Did Lee Asher and Luke Barton Become a Couple?

Incredible pair Lee Asher and Luke Barton collaborate to rescue pets from animal shelters. Lee and Luke were not buddies in high school, nor did they disclose how they met or for how long they had been friends.

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However, Asher and Luke gained fame after Ellen's departure from the show. They appeared on the show, and the footage was released to Ellen's official YouTube page on April 15, 2019.

Is Lee Asher Married to Luke Barton

Additionally, 511k individuals have viewed this 5-minute movie thus far. Since then, they have collaborated while travelling in their RV. He also uploaded a video of his RV to his YouTube account for viewers to view.

This phenomena also facilitates the adoption of homeless canines. Shutterfly, which supports the charitable organization The Asher House, also assists them.

Despite his busy schedule, he makes time to assist animals in need. She has a Facebook profile with the handle @theasherhouse and an Instagram account with numerous dog-related images.

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