What Happened to Andy on Cheer: Where is He at Present?

Andy's departure from his position as assistant coach at Navarro was revealed midway through the second season of Cheer, when fans noticed that he was no longer appearing.

Many were concerned that Monica's participation on Dancing with the Stars would interfere with her ability to coach the Navarro students. Andy Conferment was Navarro's assistant coach during seasons 1 and 2 of Cheer, but he is no longer Monica Aldama's assistant.

Andy contributed to the selection of each year's mat performers and to the development of their championship-winning routines. Here is everything you need to know about Andy's departure and subsequent activities.

Andy, a former assistant coach for Navarro Cheer, attended Navarro College in Texas for cheerleading after graduating from high school. Thus, he went from student to teacher relatively quickly.

Even though Andy appeared to be the most likely candidate to take over Monica's duties while she was on Dancing With The Stars, he abruptly quit the 2021 cheer season, and most viewers have no idea why.

What Happened to Andy on Cheer

He left shortly after co-leading the team with the new assistant coach, Kailee Peppers, during the 2020-2021 season.

What Happened to Andy on Cheer?

The majority of spectators are baffled as to why Andy abruptly quit the 2021 cheer season, despite the fact that he appeared to be the most likely candidate to take over Monica's coaching responsibilities while she competed on Dancing With the Stars.

Andy, a former assistant coach for Navarro Cheer, attended Navarro College in Texas to pursue cheerleading after completing his high school education. Therefore, he transitioned from being a student to a teacher really quickly!

What Exactly Was Andy's Role as an Assistant Coach?

Andy did, as usual, appear briefly in season 2 by Monica's side. This time last year, he was preparing the team for the championships:It appears that Andy has left Navarro for the time being. Andy now owns Cheer Source, a cheerleading camp, according to his Instagram bio.

Where is Andy Cosferent at Present?

After serving as a coach for a while, Andy Conferment seems to have renounced the position permanently. These days, he appears in public and runs his own business.

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He remains active in the sector, but mainly through his role as President and CEO of Cheer Source, a consulting firm that provides cheering gyms with a range of services.

Some of them include camps for choreography, fundamental knowledge, techniques, tumble, and more. According to what we can gather, the former coach and cheerleader currently resides in Allen, Texas, and spends the most of his free time exploring new places.

What Happened to Andy on Cheer

Andy stated something to The Suburban about how “Cheer” became so popular that wonderfully captures his honest and self-aware nature. He said, “[Cheer illustrates that] there is always a way to come back on top, be successful, and most importantly, be happy, no matter how difficult growing up was or what you have gone through.”

Andy continued, “I think it illustrates that the color of your skin and your sexual orientation do not matter in what you do in a world where there is a lot of hate and conflict.

We can all link together, be a family, and have each other's backs through anything and anything as long as we come

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