Clayton and Susie Still Together: What Brought Them Together?

Hold on, please. Are The Bachelor season 26 contestant Susie Evans and Clayton Echard still dating? In September 2022, the pair revealed a heartbreaking update despite appearances.

Discover the present situation of your favorited reality TV couples by reading on.

Who Is Clayton Ray Echard?

Clayton Ray Echard was born in the United States on April 29, 1993, and is best known for his performances as the star of Season 26 of The Bachelor and a contestant on Season 18 of The Bachelorette.

In 2016, after playing college football for Missouri, he participated in training camp with the Seattle Seahawks. Echard was born to Brian and Kelly Echard in Eureka, Missouri.

Patrick and Nate are his brothers. He joined the sixth-grade football squad. As a junior at Eureka High School, he played wide receiver and weighed 170 pounds.

Clayton and Susie Still Together

As a senior, he became a defensive lineman and gained 30 pounds for the position. The year of his high school graduation was 2011 After receiving no scholarship offers, Echard decided to try out as a walk-on freshman for the Missouri Tigers football team.

The University of Missouri awarded him a bachelor's degree in health sciences with minors in Spanish and business in 2015.

Who is Susan Christine Evans?

Susan Christine Evans, a former beauty pageant champion and American television personality, was born on August 19, 1993. She is well known for winning The Bachelor's 26th season.

In beauty pageants, Evans earned the titles of Miss Virginia Teen USA in 2011 and Miss Virginia USA in 2020. Evans' parents, Tom and Jean, raised him in Poquoson, Virginia, where he was born.

She received a full scholarship to attend Lindenwood University, where she earned a Bachelor of Arts in digital film arts and broadcast communications in 2015.

After graduating from college, Evans landed a position at Tokyo Disneyland, where she worked for two years as several Disney princesses. Evans developed her Jiu-Jitsu skills while living in Japan, and she continued to train in Virginia after returning home.

Are Clayton and Susie Still Together?

Clayton Ray Echard told his family in the season 26 finale of The Bachelor that he wants to try to win Susie back. “You are reaching for straws. That is finished, gone, and history… “She choose to walk,” his father Brian Echard advised at the time.

However, the football player said he must attempt. He stated, “This is a once-in-a-lifetime kind of woman.” The couple's turmoil began when the resident of Virginia Beach raised grave concerns about Clayton's overnight dates with other candidates Gabby Windey and Rachel Recchia.

Rachel was out on a date when she told her, “I didn't really realise the gravity of the situation until just now.” “I do not know if he can simultaneously fall in love with numerous individuals.”

“For me, sex is a means of connecting with someone,” Susie said before entering her own fantasy apartment alone. “I just hope Clayton is on the same page as me and can see things from my perspective.”

Clayton and Susie Still Together

It turns out that he was not. Although Clayton disclosed his love for Susie, she was not the only one. Susie disclosed that she would feel “uncomfortable” if he slept with other women at an intimate supper at the Sky Lagoon thermal springs.

“I believe it would be impossible to proceed with an engagement under these circumstances,” she said. “I would not feel comfortable if I were to share your affection with another person.”

Yes, I have slept with someone else on this property, and yes, I have conveyed feelings of being in love to someone else.

What Brought Them Together?

Echard's season of The Bachelor began filming in September 2021. Echard stood out on the first night she met Evans because of her buzzer handshake, which sent a vibration.

Even though Teddi Wright received the first impression rose, it was clear that Evans was the one who had a relationship with Echard. Echard first discussed the encounter on Us Weekly's Here For the Right Reasons podcast in January 2022.

Despite appearing to be content together, the couple announced their split on Instagram on September 23.

Did Clayton and Susie Get Engaged?

Clayton stated after the Final Rose that he had returned from Iceland to “what I considered to be my usual life,” but that Susie had reestablished communication with him.

Clayton was astonished by the potential that something positive may result from the situation. Susie then confirmed publicly that the couple is still together.

“We couldn't be happier to be here today!” she said. Repeat after me: “That is my boyfriend.” Although they “took a few steps back,” she claims that they are now in a “serious” relationship based on love.

I will affirm unequivocally, “Yes, he's incredible.” However, they acknowledged they “could have done better” and anticipated criticism following the conclusion of the series.

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Clayton debunked these rumors by stating that they had other plans at the moment. Jesse had intimated that a proposal was imminent, and Neil Lane was there, but Clayton dispelled these rumors by stating that they had other plans.

In order to conclude the evening, he presented her with the final rose and inquired whether she would accept it. Clayton and Susie's relationship was thriving during the summer of 2022.

Clayton and Susie Still Together

On their various social media platforms, the couple could not stop gushing about one another. Susie posted a 10 July video of Clayton carrying her at the grocery store with, “Thanks to @claytonechard and Clayton alone, my granola game has boosted.”


Susie and Clayton still have a relationship? In September 2022, the pair revealed a heartbreaking update despite appearances. The roles of Clayton Echard as the star of The Bachelor Season 26 and a contestant on The Bachelorette Season 18 have made him the most well-known bachelor. In beauty pageants, Susie Evans won Miss Virginia Teen USA in 2011 and Miss Virginia USA in 2020.

On their social media pages, the couple posted glowing comments about one another. They acknowledged that they “could have done better” and expected feedback after the series' finale. Jesse made a suggestion that perhaps a proposal was coming after the Final Rose.

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