Hayat Bugün Episode 8 Release Date: What Has Happened So Far in This Show?

The release date for Hayat Bugün Episode 8 has here, and fans demand to know more about it. But before we get into the Hayat Bugün Episode 8 release date and how to watch it, let’s provide viewers with a brief synopsis of the show’s idea.

Hisaronü Hospital, one of the oldest hospitals in Turkey, employs the renowned chief surgeon Barş Güvenir. Hisaronü, one of the most renowned hospitals in the nation, has not diminished over time.

When Chief Doctor Barş Güvenir comes, everything changes at the hospital. Barş will seek to restore the hospital to its former splendour while battling life’s obstacles.

Barş, who has earned the respect of his coworkers at the same hospital, will welcome all citizens of Istanbul into the hospital. Barş will return the hospital to its former splendour through optimism, affection, and perseverance.

The focus of the television program will be the problems at one of the respectable institutions. A reputed hospital uses its patients as financial assets rather than adhering to ethical and moral standards.

Therefore, any patient who presents this card is considered a client and a possible source of revenue. It is placed on the operating table even when it is not required.

Hayat Bugün Episode 8 Release Date

However, an idealistic and ambitious physician disagrees with this directive. He has been appointed head medical officer of this hospital. This morality must be eradicated from the hospital despite several barriers.

Name of the Season Hayat Bugun
Episode Number Episode 7
Genre Comedy and Drama
Hayat Bugun Initial Release Date October 19, 2022
Hayat Bugun Season 1 Episode 7 Release Date November 30, 2022
Number of Season  Season 1

Hayat Bugün Episode 8 Release Date

According to otakukart, Hayat Bugün Episode 8 will be released on December 7, 2022. Hayat Bugün Episode 8 will air on Show TV in Turkey at 12 a.m.

What Has Happened So Far in Hayat Bugün?

Barş prepares the clinic for the most important evening of the year while thinking about how to tell Gizem about his cancer. The director unexpectedly reappears and threatens to murder the elderly people who support the facility.

However, Barş seems to have a much superior idea about how to use barter to pay off debts! The father-mysterious son’s symptoms are treated by Ali Haydar, but they all point to a long-ago sickness with no known cure!

Hayat Bugün Episode 8 Release Date

On the other hand, the combative Derin and Aras get a chance to develop their romance, but Aras is put in danger because of a situation in prison. Baris, who is struggling, will also have a significant encounter; after tonight, everything will change.

Rem, a member of the Domino Transportation Chain, is essential to Suzan, Barş, and the organization. Both Suzan and Rem must face their pasts.

Throughout the course of the occurrence, our doctors worked very hard to aid the victims of the domino transplantation chain in their recovery.

Even yet, they roll up their sleeves to complete the cycle if one of the contributions is not suitable for transplant. Aras and Derin strive to repair their relationship in addition to helping Gazal, who had been shot and went to the hospital.

Gazal and his grandfather Cihan must flee the assailants after them. Aras puts himself in danger for Gazal. Aras was able to escape the attack and make it to the hospital, but his arm injury forced him to quit performing surgery.

Elçin’s father, Ali, makes an effort to mend fences. Andaç is attempting to be Ceylan’s mother in the meantime. At the conclusion, Hisarönü is in for a terrible shock.

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Derin, who has already experienced dreadful feelings, is unaware of Aras’ struggle to accept this reality and his request to his friends for just one thing.

Derin, on the other hand, has devoted her life to overcoming this sense of guilt, and her only solace during her sleepless nights are her medicines.

On the other side, Barş will start his cancer treatment, but the sight of a young street beggar with a broken foot transforms his entire day. The parents of a customer who attempted suicide are the focus of a much greater mystery that Ali Haydar and Andaç have unveiled.

Hayat Bugün Episode 8 Release Date

The hospital personnel eventually learned a secret: Derin & Barş’s survival is in danger in two distinct areas of the city after all wounds had healed and they had gathered for Aras’ birthday supper.

Where Can I Watch Episode 8 of Hayat Bugün Online?

The eighth episode of Hayat Bugün will air at the times listed above. Likewise, overseas fans must wait until the show becomes available online with English subtitles or dub, as there are currently no official international streaming platforms for the show.

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