Are Zac and Elizabeth From Love Island Still Dating in 2022?

Do you want to know if Elizabeth and Zac from Love Island are still dating? Zac Mirabelli and Elizabeth Weber were the winners of the first season of Love Island.

The fact that Weber chose to share her $100,000 prize money with her beau rather than keeping it all for herself made their relationship even more meaningful.

Zac previously said that he was attracted to Elizabeth right away while discussing their undeniable chemistry on the program. He further added that his initial decision to pair up with Elizabeth was based solely on physical attraction when he first entered the villa and first saw her.

Fans have been anxious about the two’s location since they emerged victorious from the Love villa even though they were unbreakable while there.

Are Zac and Elizabeth From Love Island Still Dating

Let’s examine every aspect and little-known information to determine whether Zac and Elizabeth from Love Island are still together or not.

Are Zac and Elizabeth From Love Island Still Dating?

Elizabeth and Zac from Love Island are no longer dating. Even though they won the first season of Love Island, the two were just not meant to be together.

The former couple informed fans that they ended things amicably and are still friends even if they did not pursue their romance further. Can Elizabeth occasionally check in on each other?


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Later, Zac stated on social media that the separation was consensual and that they had parted ways amicably, adding that their goals were simply different.

Elizabeth made a similar observation in her statement, noting that although she wished events had have gone differently, life occasionally does not turn out as they had intended.

After Elizabeth unfollowed Zac on social media although Zac was still following her at times, the split rumor’s were further substantiated. point.

When asked if she would be interested in seeing anyone in the near future, Elizabeth responded that she had kind of made the decision to make her relationships private going forward after having such a public relationship and breakup.

Where Are Zac and Elizabeth Curranty?

In the first season of Love Island, Zac Mirabelli chose Elizabeth in the first episode, and the rest is history as they went on to win the season and take home the hefty prize.

Are Zac and Elizabeth From Love Island Still Dating

Later, Zac opted to short pursue a career on YouTube by launching a vlog from 2020 to 2021. He also appears to be focused on his modelling career and has collaborated with several reputable brands.

In addition, Elizabeth began co-hosting a podcast titled After Love Island with fellow Season 1 contestant Alexandra. The winner of Love Island season 1 has also volunteered with an animal rights organization.

Zac and Elizabeth Discuss Their Relationship

When discussing the relationship and how it ended, Elizabeth admits that when they first returned from the show, everything was on such a high that when they started experiencing all of the real-life problems and real-world situations that were happening around them, it was just a very difficult adjustment for both of them.

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The Love Island alum went on to say that they simply needed a break from each other. It was also revealed that, while the two remained in contact and attempted to work things out, things became even more complicated after the coronavirus pandemic wreaked havoc.

Elizabeth also stated, on behalf of the entire cast, that the pandemic did not make these issues any easier. Elizabeth was living in Los Angeles before returning to Michigan, and Zac is said to be in Chicago.

Are Zac and Elizabeth From Love Island Still Dating

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Zac Mirabelli Still Dating Elizabeth Webber From Love Island?

No, the couple reportedly split up several months after dating after the show and announced their breakup on Instagram.

Did Zac and Elizabeth Win Love Island’s Season 1?

Yes, Zac and Elizabeth won the first season of Love Island and a $100,000 cash prize, which they split between themselves.

What Caused Zac and Elizabeth to Split Up?

After several months of dating following the show Love Island, Zac and Elizabeth announced their breakup, stating that they simply desired different things in life.

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