What Happened to Matt Brown From Alaskan Bush People: Who is He?

Matt Brown, the eldest son, will not feature in the next season of the Discovery Channel series due to his alcohol addiction treatment. “It was his decision to abandon everything and go address the things he hadn't fixed,” said Billy Brown, the father, to People magazine.

“He is fighting an uphill battle. He has for many years. We simply attempt to reassure him that his family will always be there for him.” Mom Ami Brown, who recently defeated terminal lung cancer, confirmed Matt's absence from the show.

She continued, “We miss him terribly, but I don't want him to return until he does this.” We can only hope that he finds happiness within himself once more.

Who Was Matt Brown?

A well-liked American TV show in the docudrama genre is called Alaskan Bush People. It is about the Brown family, who are cut off from contemporary society, attempting to survive in the wilderness.

Matt Brown is the oldest son of the Browns from the Alaskan Bush People. Age-wise, he was 39. He has been living away from North Star Ranch and his family while improving himself for a while.

What Happened to Matt Brown From Alaskan Bush People

He has so far been successful in his attempts to reassess his life. To find out what happened to Matt Brown, the star of “Alaskan Bush People,” scroll down.

What Happened to Matt Brown From Alaskan Bush People?

Matt sought treatment for his alcoholism in 2016. The rest of the Brown family then went to Washington while he relocated to California. Matt received addiction treatment at the Betty Ford Center in California.

He claimed at the time that after spending more time in Juneau, Alaska, he began to recognize his downward spiral. He claimed that while drinking with buddies, he was making poor decisions.

Matt posted some happy news on Instagram last month. He disclosed that he had been sober for two years. He uploaded a picture of himself in a happy expression. He demonstrated the tiny chip, which symbolized his 730 days of diligent work.

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Where is Alaskan Bush People's Matt Brown Now?

Matt previously appeared frequently on the Alaskan Bush People program. Matt could be spotted at Brown Town constructing his own house out of tyres and expressing his desire to live like his father.


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During his time on the show, Matt Brown was accused of sexually abusing two different women. The distance between Matt and his family expanded rapidly, and he also claimed that his parents and the production company were responsible for his drug addiction.

Matt thereafter leads a solitary existence away from the cameras.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Happened to Matt Brown?

He has been absent from the North Star Ranch and his family for some years.

What Exactly Are Alaskan Bush People?

Alaskan Bush People is a popular docudrama-style American television series.

What Does Alaskan Bush People Entail?

It is about the Brown family's struggle to survive in the forest, far from civilization.

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