How Old Was David When He Died: How Old Was David When He Battled Goliath?

According to the Hebrew Bible, David was the third king of the Kingdom of Israel. In the Books of Samuel, he is described as a young shepherd and harpist who becomes famous for killing Goliath in southern Canaan, a champion of the Philistines.

David becomes a favourite of Saul, the first king of Israel. He also develops a close relationship with Jonathan, Saul's son. Saul attempts to kill David, however, because he fears that David will usurp the throne.

This causes David to go into hiding and spend several years as a fugitive. This article will answer the question, “How old was King David when he died?” Please read this article for complete details.

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How Old Was David When He Died?

How Old Was David When He Died

David became king and ruled for 40 years, so his death was most likely when he was between 70 and 71 years old. When it was all said and done, David “died in a good old age, having enjoyed a long life, wealth, and honour.”

How Old Was David When He Battled Goliath?

The Bible provides additional details regarding David's age at the time of the battle with Goliath. During the battle between Saul and the Philistines, the Philistine army's giant Goliath taunted the Israelite army on a daily basis.

However, none of the Hebrew soldiers had the guts to take on Goliath by themselves. At this point in the conflict, David's three older brothers were all engaged in combat on opposing sides of the conflict.

How Old Was David When He Died

David's father dispatched him there to bring the people there some food. David became very enraged when he heard the boastful words spoken by Goliath. He reported to King Saul that he intended to engage in combat with Goliath.

Saul yelled at him, Don't be such an idiot!” “There is no way that you can defeat this Philistine in a fight!” You're just a kid, but he's been in the military ever since he was a teenager.”

How Old Was When He Becomes King?

The Lord instructed the prophet, Samuel, to visit the house of Jesse in Bethlehem to select Israel's next king. David was the youngest son in the family of Jesse.

He was not significant. Samuel's father did not even call him to meet him. However, when Samuel pondered Jesse's seven older sons, God stated that He did not desire any of them.

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The prophet inquired whether Jesse had any other sons. Then Samuel called David, who was out tending to the sheep. As is typically the case, God chose the least probable candidate.

How Old Was David When He Died

We do not know David's exact age at this time, but he was likely between 10 and 15 years old.

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