Let’s Explore It, Who Plays the Role of Jason Todd on Titans?

While there is usually only one Batman, Bruce Wayne, his vigilante sidekick, Robin, grows up and leaves the nest from time to time, with a new one donning the mask.

There have been a few Robins over the years, but they rarely get a live-action portrayal. HBO “Titans” follows the first Robin, Dick Grayson, after he has left Gotham and gone off on his own, resulting in a full-fledged identity crisis.

When Dick is rescued by the new Robin, Jason Todd, in Season 1, it’s a shocking moment for him. Fans of comic books, on the other hand, are familiar with Jason’s story.

He, like Bruce, is an orphan, but instead of inheriting a mansion, he was abandoned on the streets until Bruce took him in. He’s arrogant and prone to resorting to violence to solve his problems.

He famously becomes the antihero Red Hood, but he is widely regarded as one of the most despised characters in DC Comics. Despite being reviled for much of his comic book career, he stars in the beloved animated film “Batman: Under the Red Hood.”

Who Plays Jason Todd on Titans

Still, it wasn’t until “Titans” that Jason got to see himself on screen.

About Jason Todd

Jason Peter Todd is a fictional character who appears in DC Comics’ American comic books. Todd was created to replace Dick Grayson as Robin, the vigilante sidekick of the superhero Batman.

He made his first appearance in Batman #357 in March 1983. After the Crisis on Infinite Earths, his character’s origin was rewritten to be distinct from Grayson’s.

Todd is typically portrayed in subsequent depictions as an orphaned street thug with a troubled past and a violent demeanour, whom Batman tries to reform and mentor.

Who Played the Role of Jason Todd?

American actor and former model Curran Walters. He is best known for playing Jason Todd in the superhero series Titans on the DC Universe and HBO Max (2018–2021).

Walters attended Oak Park High School and was born on January 16, 1998, in Oak Park, California. Harlowe Walters is his younger sister.
He started working as a model for clothing companies like Lee and Tillys.

In advertisements for the Samsung Galaxy and the sports video game NBA 2K15, he launched his acting career. In the 2014 comedy Growing Up and Down, he made his acting debut on television.

Curran received additional television roles, such as his 2016 recurring part as “Young Jackson” in the show Game of Silence. Additionally, he played Evan in the first and second parts of the two-part episode “Girl Meets Ski Lodge” (8 & 9) from the third season of Girl Meets World in 2016.

Other television appearances include the 2016 sitcom Speechless, and the 2018 comedies Alexa & Katie, and Too Close to Home.

Curran Walters is Jason Todd’s First Live-action Performer

As of “Titans” Season 1 through Season 3, the young actor Curran Walters has the honour of portraying the first Jason Todd in live action. According to IMDB, he began his career as a model and has been appearing in films since 2014.

He had recurring roles on “Game of Silence,” “Too Close to Home, a two-part episode of “Girl Meets World,” and “Game of Silence” before “Titans.”

Who Plays Jason Todd on Titans

In an interview with Schön!, Walters stated that in order to prepare for the part, he watched “Under the Red Hood” and read every Jason Todd comic he could get his hands on.


Since the character had never been portrayed in live-action before, he said, “At first, I felt very under pressure, but as time went on, I became more confident.”

“I decided that I would try my hardest to embody the iconic Jason Todd while also giving the character my own spin. He plays a significant role in the plot of “Titans” in relation to Dick’s ongoing animosity toward Batman.

The portrayal of Jason’s character is equally dark; he is a young man with advanced martial arts training who believes he can get away with anything.

Big things are still in store for Jason Todd, but at least he’s receiving more support on “Titans” now than he did in his formative years.

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