How Old Was Samuel When God Called Him: How Did He Pass Away?

In the stories of the Hebrew Bible, Samuel is a character who is crucial to the transition from the kingdom of the biblical judges to the United Kingdom of Israel under Saul and again to the monarchy under David.

In Islam, Christianity, and Judaism, he is revered as a prophet. Samuel is mentioned in the Jewish rabbinical literature, the Christian New Testament, and the second chapter of the Quran in addition to his role in the Hebrew scriptures.

In the fifth through seventh books of Josephus, a Jewish historian who lived in the first century, there are also references to him. In 1 Samuel 9:9, he is first referred to as the Seer.

Let’s explore, How Old Was Samuel When God Called Him.

How Old Was Samuel When God Called Him?

Samuel served the Shiloh shrine under Eli’s direction. One night, Samuel heard his name being called. According to the Jewish historian Josephus of the first century, Samuel was 12 years old when God called him.

How Old Was Samuel When God Called Him

When Did Samuel Die?

According to the biblical account, Samuel was buried in Ramah. This burial site has been identified by tradition as Samuel’s tomb in the West Bank village of Nabi Samwil.

Saul had the Witch of Endor summon Samuel’s spirit from Paradise to predict the outcome of an upcoming battle sometime after his death (1 Samuel 28:3–24).

Samuel was enraged by his recall and informed Saul that the Lord had abandoned him.

More About Samuel

Hannah was Samuel’s mother, and Elkanah was his father. Elkanah resided in the Zuph neighbourhood at Ramathaim. Additionally, his ancestry can be found in the pedigrees of the Kohathites and Heman the Ezrahite, who is ostensibly his grandson (1 Chronicles 6:18–33).

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Elkanah was a Levite, according to the genealogical charts in Chronicles, a fact not mentioned in the books of Samuel. Elkanah, a Levite, was referred to as an Ephraimite, which is similar to the description of a Levite who is a member of Judah.

Hannah and Peninnah were Elkanah’s two wives, according to 1 Samuel 1:1–28. Peninnah and Hannah both had children. Elkanah, however, preferred Hannah.

How Old Was Samuel When God Called Him

Hannah suffered a great deal of heartache as a result of Penninah’s jealous criticism of her lack of children. Elkanah was a pious man who frequently brought his family to Shiloh to make pilgrimages there.

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Hannah once went into the temple and prayed for a child. She sobbed as she vowed to dedicate her child to God as a nazirite if she were to become pregnant.

Eli, who was seated at the base of the doorpost in the Shiloh sanctuary, initially thought she was intoxicated because she appeared to be mumbling to herself, but he was soon reassured of both her motivation and sobriety.

Eli was the Shiloh priest and one of the final Israelite Judges in charge of the nation before the time of the kings in ancient Israel. After Samson’s passing, he had taken over as the leader.

How Old Was Samuel When God Called Him

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She was blessed by Eli before going back home. Hannah later got pregnant and gave birth to Samuel while thanking God for his kindness and faithfulness. She gave Eli custody of the child after he was weaned, and occasionally she would stop by to see her son.

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