How Old Was Martin Harris in Cruel Summer: Who Plays the Role of Martin?

Cruel Summer, Freeform’s latest series, is unlike any other teen drama viewers have seen. The episodes are set in 1993, 1994, and 1995 and are narrated by Jeanette Turner (Chiara Aurelia) or Kate Wallis on a specific day or over a specific period of time.

In 1993, Jeannette, a shy teen who wants to fit in, idolizes Queen Bee Kate and secretly has a crush on her boyfriend, Jamie Henson. Jeanette has the opportunity to become popular in 1995 when Kate is missing after being abducted by Martin Harris, the new assistant principal at her Texas high school (and to date Jamie).

Martin is killed while trying to save her. Jeanette is later accused of seeing Kate while she was imprisoned, which Kate denies. This article will answer the question, How Old Was Martin Harris in Cruel Summer?

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How Old Was Martin Harris in Cruel Summer?

Martin Harris passed away at the age of 31. Martin Harris, the antagonist of Cruel Summer, dies before the story begins. He uses his position as assistant principal at Skyland High to pursue and capture Kate Wallis.

How Old Was Martin Harris in Cruel Summer

Associate principal of a high school Martin possesses a charismatic and endearing personality. This was done so that he could harm his students, particularly Kate Wallis.

Kate and Martin appear to be in a romantic relationship, but Martin’s true feelings about the relationship are unknown for a variety of reasons.

The first is that between August and Christmas Eve, Kate was too young to consent to stay upstairs.

How Did Martin Die in Cruel Summer?

Kate was kidnapped by Martin in the summer of 1993. Kate was able to escape in 1994. However, Martin was later shot and killed by police. This stand-off has not yet been depicted in the series, but it is referenced sporadically.

How Old Was Martin Harris in Cruel Summer

This is why Martin appears so infrequently in the 1994 timeline and never in 1995. Probably for the same reason, you forgot about what happened to Martin.

With all the drama surrounding Kate, Jeanette (Chiara Aurelia), and their various trials, it’s easy to overlook the subtle references to the show’s true antagonist.

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In Cruel Summer, Who Plays the Role of Martin?

Blake Lee has been cast in the role of Martin Harris in the Cruel Summer show. Blake Lee is an American actor best known for his roles in Mixology, Parks and Recreation, and Cruel Summer on Free-form.


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Blake and his husband Ben Lewis made history when they starred in The Christmas Setup, Lifetime’s first Christmas film centred on a gay love story. Blake Lee is married to a writer and actor.

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