Walker Season 3, Episode 8 Release Date: What Occurred in the Most Recent Episode?

Walker is an American crime drama action show on The CW that was created by Anna Fricke. It is a remake of the western drama TV show Walker, Texas Ranger from the 1990s.

The release date for The Walker season 3, episode 8 is here, and fans of this action-packed crime show want to know about it. Here’s a bit about the story of Walker before we talk about when episode 8 will come out and how to watch it.

The show tries out western, action, crime, and drama stories. Cordell Walker, a widower, stayed hidden for two years. He is also a responsible father of two kids with his own morals.

When he goes home to Austin, he finds that there is more work to do there. He is trying to get back in touch with his kids, deals with disagreements with his religious family, and starts a new relationship with one of the first female Texas Rangers.

At the same time, he is starting to doubt what happened when his wife died. As the third season of the popular CW show begins, the Walker family is still having trouble because of kidnappings, unexpected life decisions, and very obvious mistakes.

When Cordell Walker and his brother Liam talk about the tragedy they both almost died from, they find out that the sneaky threat that almost killed them both is still there.

Series Walker 
Genre    Action, Drama, Crime
Developed by  Anna Fricke
Country of Origin United States
OTT Platform The CW, HBO Max, and FUBO TV
Walker Season 3, Episode 8 Release Date January 5, 2023

Walker Season 3, Episode 8 Release Date: When Will It Air?

The eighth episode of Walker’s third season was released on Thursday, January 5, 2023, on The CW. The eighth episode of Walker’s third season will air on The CW at 8 pm in the US.

Fans around the world can watch The Walker S3 Episode 8 on January 6 at 1 am GMT, 10 am KST, 5 pm PT, and 12 pm AEDT (January 6).

Walker Season 3 Episode 8 Release Date

Walker Season 3, Episode 8 Cast

  • Cordell Walker is played by Jared Padalecki.
  • Mason Thames in the role of Young Walker
  • Corporal Cordell Walker is played by Colin Ford.
  • Micki Ramirez is played by Lindsey Morgan.
  • Abeline Walker is played by Molly Hagan.
  • Liam Walker is played by Keegan Allen.
  • Stella Walker is played by Violet Brinson.
  • Larry James is played by Coby Bell.
  • Mitch Pileggi in the role of Bonham Walker

What Occurred in the Most Recent Episode of Walker Season 3?

Stella makes some significant choices as a result of Walker’s altercation with his daughter, including debating turning down a last-minute chance to enrol in college.

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After Stella and August were arrested for hosting a party at Side Step for underage guests, Walker is still unable to talk to his brother about their recent events.

Walker chooses to make the time to speak with Liam after debating how Stella and Abby handled the situation with each other. The two boys started their long overdue conversation.

Abby frees Stella from jail and is furious that Walker left his daughter behind. Walker believes Stella has been lying to him about the family vehicle.

Kevin, an old friend who is now the mayor’s chief of staff, meets up with Trey Barnett. Trey and Cassie Perez secretly go to a formal mayoral event after the mayor receives a grave death threat.

Trey is tasked with accompanying the mayor’s assistant, Laila, throughout the event while Cassie is relegated to the sidelines. Then a deadly nerve toxin intended for the mayor knocks Kevin out.

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There is evidence linking it to the terrorist group that abducted Walker and Liam. Walker and Liam confront their shared experience—with Liam being tortured—by travelling to the location where they were both abducted and subjected to torture by the anarchists.

Liam is horrified that his recent treatment with wild horses appears to have done him no good and is overcome by unpleasant memories. Liam is still plagued by his belief that his brother is deceased even months after learning that this was a hoax.

He describes how their captors forced him to bury Walker’s body after tricking him into thinking they had killed Walker. Walker learns about Kevin’s situation from Cassie and Trey and investigates an old refinery where they think the anarchists are keeping the nerve toxin.

Walker confronts the anarchist developing the nerve agent before Liam shoots him to protect his brother, almost losing his life in the process. Additionally, he is aware that the terrorist is the one who tricked him while he was a captive.

Walker Season 3 Episode 8 Release Date

The two brothers agree on how they have each managed their adult lives, in addition to their shared experiences. Stella and Abby are concerned about August’s reluctance to host the party and the fact that he places the blame for his actions on their father rather than taking responsibility.

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Walker heads home with the intention of making up to Stella for treating her poorly at the party, only to discover that she has already left. Stella is now getting ready for the future with Colton as her boyfriend and the rest of the group going.

How to Watch Walker Season 3, Episode 8 Release Date?

Walker season 3, episode 8 will be streamable on Directv, CW seed, CW, HBO Max, and FUBO TV. Followers from countries other than the US need to compare the times listed there with the times in their own countries to know when they can watch Walker’s season 3, episode 8 in their own countries.

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