SWAT Season 6, Episode 10 Release Date: Where to Watch This Show?

S.W.A.T. is an American action-drama procedural show on TV. SWAT Season 6, Episode 10 release date is quite soon. The show is in the police procedural action genre, and we get to follow our favourite characters through their personal and professional lives as they solve the toughest cases.

Over the past few weeks, the show has been dropping all kinds of crazy drama and letting us tune in to see what’s coming up and what’s already happened.

Back in SWAT Season 6, Episode 9, we saw that Luca had found out some very important and crucial information about a case he was working on.

So, he gives in to Tan in order to get some help. On the other hand, we can see that Hondo and Nichelle are making plans to meet with Nichelle’s parents.

At the same time, there could be shootings in the city for no reason. These could be solved with Cabrera’s help and the help of his family. Well, these are the normal ups and downs of working in the police force, but it’s the emotional drama that keeps people watching, and boy, the last episode really took us out there.

Someone found out that Luca has a half-sister. What do you mean? Why didn’t anyone know about this for six seasons, and why are we just learning about it now?

Series SWAT
Genre    Action Drama Crime
Created by         Robert Hamner
Country of Origin United States
OTT Platform CBS
SWAT Season 6 Episode 10 Release Date January 13, 2023

What is the Released Date of SWAT Season 6, Episode 10?

 The 10th episode of Season 6 of SWAT was released out on January 13, 2023. The name of the episode is Witness. At 8 PM Eastern Time, CBS will stop showing it.

SWAT Season 6, Episode 10 Release Date

Every Friday, a new episode of this action and crime drama comes out.

SWAT Season 6, Episode 10 Cast

  • Daniel Harrelson is played by Shemar Moore.
  • Jessica Cortez is played by Stephanie Sigman.
  • Jim Street is played by Alex Russell.
  • Christina Alonso is played by Lina Esco.
  • Dominique Luca is portrayed by Kenny Johnson.
  • Jack Mumford is played by Peter Onorati.
  • David Kay is played by Jay Harrington.
  • Victor Tan is portrayed by David Lim.
  • Patrick St. Esprit reprises his role as Robert Hicks.
  • Piper Lynch is played by Amy Farrington.

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SWAT Season 6, Episode 9 Recap

Well, the episode went into this situation more in the second half. Luca’s father had an affair with a woman years ago, and they had a child together.

Luca now has a sister because of this. Well, this is a big surprise for the fans, and now that it’s out there, it could mean a lot. This was obviously very hard for Luca to accept, and we can totally relate to the shock he is feeling.

It turned out that Luca didn’t know what to think because he could never imagine that his father would have an affair and love someone other than his mom. I mean, no one thinks like that about their parents.

And especially when your half-sibling is standing right in front of you and saying that they are related to your hut. In fact, they don’t know them at all. Chills, in a literal sense.

Well, Tan helped a lot of people in this episode, but Luca was the one he helped the most. He gave him some words of comfort and advice, which helped him feel better.

SWAT Season 6, Episode 10 Release Date

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Later, he took care of everything and talked to his sister about it. It turns out that they have more in common than they might have thought. Even so, it’s still not clear if Luca will talk to his father about what happened or not.

How to Watch SWAT Episode 10 of Season 6

Episode 10 of Season 6 of SWAT will be shown live on CBS. You can tune in to the broadcast using the information we gave you above. Later, you will also be able to stream the episodes through the Paramount Plus service.

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