Express Season 2 Episode 1 Release Date: How to Watch This Show?

The date for Express Season 2 Episode 1 is getting close. The show is about a crime-and-thriller-themed drama that started in Spain. This series was made for Starzplay by Ivan Escobar.

For the first time, the channel ordered a show that was shot entirely in Mexico. Fans loved it because of this. Gabe Ibaez and Iaki Peafiel have both been in charge of the show for the channel.

The show’s main character, played by actress Maggie Civantos, is involved with the city’s drug lords. The crime-themed parts of the show are about the different express kingpins who are featured in the show.

The show explains the Mexican idea of “express kidnappings,” gives justice to the people who were taken, and gets to the bottom of the cases for the fictional people who were involved.

The show is also funny, with scenes of the main character’s family having fun and working together for a better future. We see Barbara at work as a criminological psychologist, which is what she does for a living.

Series Express 
Genre    Action thriller, Family drama  
Created by          Iván Escobar
Country of Origin Spain
OTT Platform Fubo TV or DirecTV
Express Season 2 Episode 1 Release Date January 20, 2023

Someone close to her is now being kidnapped in this way, and it might be hard to understand the full extent of the crime and how and why it is happening. We’re hoping that the cast will be back for the new season of the show.

Express Season 2 Episode 1 Release Date: When Will It Air?

The first episode of Season 2 of Express came out on January 20, 2023. From now on, every Friday will be the day that new episodes of this crime-themed TV show air.

Express Season 2 Episode 1 Release Date

Express Season 2 Episode 1 Cast Embers List

Fans of this popular Spanish drama series are looking forward to seeing the main characters back in their roles. The role of Barbara will be played again by Maggie Civantos.

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The role of Ortega will be played by Kiti Manver. Esteban Meloni, Vicente Romero, and Ana Matzo are also likely to come back. Also, Loreto Mauleón, Alba Planas, and Omar Banana might be there.

Bernardo Flores, Carmen Daza, and Manuela Rojas could all come back. Back in Express Season 1, Episode 7, we saw that people are still being taken away from the city.

Even though the police are looking into the whole case, they don’t have enough evidence to move forward and arrest the suspects. But the sun is shining from a different direction as a snitch comes forward to the police. T

hey say they know something about the kidnapper and are willing to share it. They will also explain why everything that has happened in the past few months has been so strange.

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In the last episode of the first season, we saw that Central Risk is now going public, and the party to celebrate that is happening right now. Everyone has been very interested in how things will go for the group, and at that moment, everything looked great.

They are also putting out a new insurance plan that covers people who are taken, hostage. It was started by Ms Ortega’s company, and the idea is going over well with the upset people of the state.

Express Season 2 Episode 1 Release Date

As for Barbara, we saw in the last episode that she was still in a bad spot because she couldn’t find the right answers to her story, and it’s getting harder and harder for her to move forward with any information.

How to Watch Express Season 2?

Every week, there are different ways to watch Express Season 2 Episode 1. One way is to use live-streaming services like Fubo TV or DirecTV. The platforms aren’t cheap, but they let you watch the most recent episodes of almost all channels.

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Season 2 of Express will be available on both Starz Play and Lionsgate Plus.

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