The Tale of the Outcasts Episode 2 Release Date: Who Will Provide the Voice in the Show?

Makoto Hoshino wrote and drew the Japanese manga series The Tale of the Outcasts. A lot of people really like The Tales Of The Outcasts. In Japan, the manga Nokemono-Tachi no Yoru was a big hit and quickly gained a lot of fans.

Makato Hoshino is the person who made this series. There were a total of 8 books in the series. In April 2021, the manga series came to an end. But now it’s back in the news. Is this manga coming back for a new season with a bang?

Well, this hit manga has now been turned into an anime series by Ashi Productions. A few days ago, the first episode came out. Fans of the first show watched this one and were very impressed.

Now, Episode 2 of The Tale of the Outcasts will be out very soon. The bond between Marbas and Wisteria is very real and sincere. Their kindness makes fans love them even more.

Before we talk about the new episode’s release date, how to stream it, and spoilers, let’s look back at Episode 1 of The Tale of the Outcasts.

Series The Tale of the Outcasts
Genre    Historical Fantasy Supernatural
Written by Makoto Hoshino
Country of Origin Japan
OTT Platform Crunchyroll
The Tale of the Outcasts Episode 2 Release Date January 15, 2023

The Tale of the Outcasts Episode 2 Possible Release Date

On January 15, 2023, the second episode of The Tale of the Outcasts came out. The new episode will air on Tokyo MX on January 15.

Recap of The Tale of the Outcasts Anime Show

In the first episode, we go to London in the 1800s. Wisteria, who is the main character, lives a sad and unhappy life. She lives in a priest’s house. He is worse than the devil to her because he always puts her down and hurts her.

The Tale of the Outcasts Episode 2 Release Date

Wisteria spends most of her time on the streets begging for money. Marbas is the only thing that gives this girl any hope. This demon loves Wisteria more than anything else.

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Wisteria is able to look at Marbas with her own eyes. Marbas is interested in finding out more about the girl. Every night, he makes sure to check on her.

To call Marbas, Wisteria needs to tap the window three times. In the first episode of The Tale of the Outcasts, we met Wisteria and learned about her sad life.

She is alone and has no friends. She has to live with a person who treats her badly and bothers her. No one cares to help her when she is begging on the street.

It seems like no one else can see her pain or understand her situation. This is the reason why Marbas and Wisteria become friends and have a bond. Both of them are lonely.

Marbas is a demon, which means that most people in the real world can’t see him. Very few people can find him. Marbas is bored with his life. But this demon is so happy when he finds out that Wisteria has the power to see him.

He no longer has to waste his time going from place to place. Marbas decides to go every night to see her. They talk about what they are doing. Marbas can’t really help her much.

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The Tale of the Outcasts Episode 2 Cast: Who Will Provide the Voice in the Show?

  • Ayana Taketatsu provides the voice of Wisteria.
  • Katsuyuki Konishi provides the voice of Marbas.
  • Ryta saka provides the voice of Snow.
  • Takenami is played by Kentar Kumagai.
  • Risa Imayanagi plays Diana.
  • Junichi Suwabe provides the voice of Naberius.

Where and How to Watch the Tale of the Outcasts Anime Show?

Fans can watch it on YTV or BS Fuji after the fact. The new episode will be available to watch on OTT services like Crunchyroll for people around the world.

The Tale of the Outcasts Episode 2 Release Date

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You can watch it for free on BiliBili TV if that’s what you want. The first episode is already on this platform. Clips and fan-made versions of the show are always being put on YouTube.

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