Sky Rojo Season 3 Release Date: Cast| Plot| Trailer | Review Latest Update!

Sky Rojo is a television series from Spain. It is packed with action, crime, suspense, and drama. The audience’s response to Sky Rojo has been overwhelmingly positive.

IMDb has given it a score of 6.6 out of 10. Netflix renewed the series, Sky Rojo, for a third season on August 12, 2021. The third season of the television series Sky Rojo will be its final season.

Consequently, we anticipate that the upcoming third season of Sky Rojo will conclude the show’s narrative. In November 2021, production began on the third season of the television series Sky Rojo. S

ky Rojo has won the SEC Award and been nominated for the BreakTudo Award. Read the full article for information on the third season of the television series Sky Rojo.

Series Sky Rojo
No. of Seasons 2
Total Episodes 16 (Season 1-2)
Status Season 2 (END)
Director David Victori, Óscar Pedraza
Writer(s) Álex Pina, David Barrocal

Sky Rojo Season 3 Release Date: Renewed or Cancelled?

Sky Rojo was a huge success after its release in 2021. The two seasons of the show that were released received positive feedback from viewers.

Sky Rojo Season 3 Release Date

And, with the conclusion of Season 2, it was almost certain that Sky Rojo Season 3 would take place. All speculations have been put to rest now that Sky Rojo season 3 has been confirmed.

The show’s renewal for a third season was officially announced on August 12, 2021. However, there were some delays at the start of Sky Rojo season 3 filming, but Lali Espósito has confirmed that filming is currently underway.

Sky Rojo Season 3 Release Date: Confirmed or Not?

The official release date for Season 3 of Sky Rojo has not yet been announced, according to thebulletintime. It appears that it will be declared soon. The first season of the Netflix series Sky Rojo premiered on March 19, 2021.

The second season of the Netflix original series Sky Rojo premiered on July 23, 2021. If we receive any additional information regarding the release date of Sky Rojo’s third season, we will include it here.

Review of Season 2 of Sky Rojo

The public has responded favourably to Season 2 of Sky Rojo. The third season of the television show Sky Rojo is anticipated to be well-received by viewers.

At the conclusion of Sky Rojo’s second season, we saw that an injured Wendy considered getting even with Christian because he was looking for Moises, and Coral made a decision that could mean the difference between life and death for Romeo.

Following that, Gina and Wendy attempt to arrange a hostage swap to release Coral, but their escape presents fresh difficulties. Coral works frantically to save herself and her two friends, who believe there is no hope.

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Romeo and Moises’ celebration at the club is tinged with grief. Later, when his guilt is about to consume him, Moises asks a friend for advice. Wendy converses with Coral underground and requests a favour.

Coral then suggests a fresh strategy to exact revenge on Romeo. Wendy has an idea of someone who can assist them later. Christian and Moises both struggle with the most recent challenge.

But when Wendy confronts Fermin about his behaviour, Gina comes up with a novel solution to their weapon problem. Later, Romeo brings up their past with Christian.

The women and Fermin started their robbery plan after a violent incident at the hotel. Christian and Moises try to commit their own heist. In the end, the struggle for money, retribution, and justice continues, putting pressure on all parties as alliances change and the number of victims rises.

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See what happens after that. Perhaps the third season of the television show Sky Rojo will continue the plot from the second season.
If there are any updates to the third season of the television show Sky Rojo’s storyline, we will post them here.

Sky Rojo Season 3 Release Date

Sky Rojo Season 3 Release Date: Who Will Appear in the Upcoming Season?

The Sky Rojo Season 3 cast is expected to be announced soon.

  • Coral is played by Veronica Sanchez.
  • Moises is played by Miguel Angel Silvestre.
  • Romeo is played by Asier Etxeandia.
  • Wendy is played by Lali Esposito.
  • Gina is played by Yany Prado.
  • Christian is played by Enric Auquer.
  • Charlotte is played by Carmen Santamaria.
  • Gata is played by Cecilia Gomez.
  • Rubi is played by Godeliv Van den Brandt.
  • Tsunami is played by Penelope Guerrero.
  • Lupe is played by Luisa Vides.
  • Cachopo is played by Niko Verona.
  • Fernando is played by Chani Martin.
  • Arcadio is played by Paco Inestrosa.

Sky Rojo Season 3 Spoilers

There haven’t been any announcements about Sky Rojo’s third season’s plot. The third season is currently being produced, and it is anticipated that it will air sometime in 2023.

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Moises and Romeo will probably start pursuing the girls once more after season 2 ends. And Moises is determined to exact revenge on the girls this time for his brother’s passing. Watch this space to learn what happens when the series is made available.

Where to Watch Sky Rojo Series?

Sky Rojo Season 3 Release Date

Vancouver Media produced the television series Sky Rojo. Both seasons of the television show are available on Netflix. The first and second seasons of Sky Rojo are available on Netflix with a subscription.

Sky Rojo Season 3 Trailer

Sky Rojo Season 3 has not yet released a trailer. It is anticipated to be released soon. Watch the Sky Rojo Season 2 official trailer now. It was made available on June 23, 2021, by Netflix. Look at it below.


To summarize, this Spanish action series has made quite a name for itself among fans. The series features some unique characters as well as a high-paced cat-and-mouse chase. So, if you like this type of story, watch it.

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