Yali Capkini Episode 18 Release Date: Where Can I View This Show?

Here is when Yali Capkini episode 18 will air. If you want to know everything there is to know about the next episode, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s go over the most recent episodes of Yali Capkini before we figure out when and where to watch episode 18.

When Ferit tells Seyran that Suna hugged him at night, he gets very angry. Ferit says he is not to blame, but Seyran doesn’t believe him and holds him responsible.

When Seyran finds out that his mother is sick, he brings his breathing machine with him and spends the night with her. On the other hand, our Ferit takes advantage of the chance and goes out with Pelin.

Seyran is asking Suna why she kissed Ferit, and Kazm snaps and starts his new plan for Suna as a response. Seyran asks Ferit for help in order to protect Suna. Ferit will kidnap Suna.

Then we see that Kazm doesn’t know that they’re following their plan. Kazem takes out his anger on Esme when he finds out Suna is gone. How Suna would get into the mansion is another hard question.

Suna feels bad about what happened with Kazem, so she writes a letter and goes back home.

Series Yali Capkini
Genre    Drama, Romance
Production Company     OGM Pictures
Country of Origin Turkey
OTT Platform Star TV
Yali Capkini Episode 18 Release Date January 20, 2023

Yali Capkini Episode 18 Release Date

Star TV will air episode 18 of Yali Capkini on January 20, 2023, at approximately 9 p.m. in Turkey. The 18th episode of Yali Capkini would be inaccessible to fans from other countries due to the reason detailed below.

Yali Capkini Episode 18 Release Date

A Quick Recap of Yali Capkini

The next thing we see is that Ferit tells Halis Aa that Suna sneaked out of the house early in the morning. Then Halis Aa goes to Kazm with a new plan in mind. Ferit brings up Halis Aa’s desire for grandchildren as Seyran and Ferit continue their unfinished fight.

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Ferit is still worried about Seyran’s past with Yusuf. Yusuf follows him to their room, where he asks him a question that takes him by surprise. Seyran is very angry about how Yusuf answered Ferit’s question, so he doesn’t want to see either of them.

First, anyone who goes out with Abidin at midnight will find something disappointing. When Halis Aa finds out that she was caught on camera by accident, she tells Ferit to ask Orhan for help to get out of this situation.

Seyran is the only one who can help Ferit right now. They get Kazm and Halis Aa to believe that the picture in the paper is an old one. Ferit is very angry at Taylan, who printed the pictures, and has no plans to switch sides.

On the other side, while they were swearing to Kazm, Fakat started to take care of Suna and train her. Because Halis Aa hit him, Ferit leaves home.

Yusuf tells Kazm what happened, and when Kazm gets to the estate, he brings home Seyran and Suna. When Ferit, who had sought shelter with Pelin, told Pelin that he was going to leave, Pelin asked Seyran to stop him.

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Ferit doesn’t let Seyran’s embrace of him make him change his plans. Halis Aa, on the other hand, got sick and had to be taken to a hospital. Seyran will also ask Halis Aa, who left the dangerous place and went back home, why she didn’t stay there.

Ferit finds it hard to let Seyran go, so he goes to Kazm’s house to get his wife. Based on what Halis Aa said, Kazm wants to kidnap Seyran and bring him and his whole family back to Antep.

However, Ferit won’t let Seyran go. Ferit, who is with Seyran, has a plan for New Year’s that will bring the whole family together. After the New Year’s Eve dinner, the estate will be back to how it was before, and Ferit and Seyran will be on the cover of a magazine.

The editor of the magazine is Defne, who used to know Orhan a long time ago. Ferit’s night will be full of things she didn’t expect. Efe Han wants to talk to Seyran about how to choose a new face for his brand.

Yali Capkini Episode 18 Release Date

The intermediate in this production, Defne, bothers Orhan, Ferit, and Fakat. Seyran goes to Kazim for help when he is confused. He takes Serter out of Pelin’s life, but this decision has effects he didn’t expect.

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Where Can I View Episode 18 of Yali Capkini?

Episode 18 of Yali Capkini will air on Turkish Star TV. Simultaneously, fans from other countries must wait until the producers bring an international streaming service on board to make the show available to fans worldwide with English subtitles as soon as the episode premiered in Turkey.

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