Death in Paradise Season 12, Episode 4 Release Date: How to Watch, Let’s Explore Here!

Death in Paradise is a British-French crime comedy-drama TV show that stars Ben Miller. It was made by Robert Thorogood. The fourth episode of Season 12 of Death in Paradise is almost here.

The show shines a light on a crime drama that does well in the comedy genre as well. The series was made by Robert Thorogood, and it was first shown in Britain and France.

It shows more about the main detective, Richard Poole. He was born in London, England, but his job required him to go to the made-up town of Saint Marie in France.

When he tries to figure out who killed a British citizen, his whole life changes. After the case is over, Richard’s authorities tell him to take the place of the victim and stay on the island as a detective.

This changes his whole life. It gives the show a lot of funny moments, just like in Emily in Paris, where the main character is not from France and feels like an outsider.

Back in the season’s second episode, we saw that a local man who was also part of the peppers had been poisoned and killed inside a locked bunker.

Series Death In Paradise
Genre    Comedy drama, Crime drama
Created by          Robert Thorogood   
Country of Origin United Kingdom, France
OTT Platform BBC One
Death In Paradise Season 12 Episode 4 Release Date January 27, 2023

At first, Kit Martin’s death isn’t thought to be a suicide because the bunker was locked from the inside, and the cameras don’t show anyone going inside except the police after they were told about it.

Poole is killed, which is a terrible tragedy. He is replaced by a London detective named Humphrey Goodman. DI Jack Mooney takes his place soon after. DI Neville Parker is in charge of the police force right now.

Death in Paradise Season 12, Episode 4 Release Date

Even though he didn’t like being on the island at first, he eventually set up his new life there.

Death In Paradise Season 12 Episode 4 Release Date

The fourth episode of Death in Paradise’s 12th season came out on January 27, 2023. At 9 PM British Standard Time, the episode will air on BBC One.

Every Friday at the same time, the channel is supposed to air new episodes of the drama show.

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A Recap Death in Paradise Season 12

On the other hand, we see Raya trying to find Luna Jones’ grave. She shot her by accident and killed her at the same time. Neville Parker is still dating Sophie in this season, but it could be very dangerous for him.

For instance, he just had an accident on a jet ski. The murderer is found later in the episode. It was actually Charlie Banks, who put the poison cyanide in his coffee and drank it.

We couldn’t see the clip because it was all in a blind spot around a corner. In the end, even Raya is charged with killing Luna. Marlon Pryce wants to give the test for the job of Sergeant.

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But the Commissioner tells him not to because he thinks Marlon is too young to do the job. Even though people have said bad things about it, he decides to do it anyway.

From the bottom of his heart, he is inspired by DS Naomi Thomas, who told him that Marlin might be the wild card the force needed. At the end of the episode, when Parker said his parting words to Sophie, we all got a little choked up.

At the same time, Justin West was watching the two of them talk about how they felt.

How Do I Watch Season 12 of Death in Paradise?

Death in Paradise Season 12 Episode 4 is best watched on BBC One. We’ve given all the fans the information they need to figure out how to watch. You can all look at that before you turn on the channel to watch the newest shows.

Death in Paradise Season 12, Episode 4 Release Date

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Fans who don’t have cable at home will still be able to watch through the BBC iPlayer. The most recent episodes of the show are all on the streaming service.

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