Al Thaman Episode 15 Release Date: When Will It Available to Watch?

The last episode of the Arabic series Al Thaman will be out soon. The story is about Sarah, a single mom, who goes through different parts of her life, from her work to how she feels about being a mom.

Sarah gets the best job she could have because she is strong, determined, and enthusiastic. But when her son gets sick, she has to take a risky step.

On January 8, 2023, Al Thaman was first seen on TV. The main characters on the show are Razane Jammal and Basil Khaiat. The show has been a big hit in the Middle East and other places.

It makes sense, given how good both of these actors are. The way these actors work together is amazing, and many viewers say they’ve become engrossed in the show because of its interesting and dramatic plot.

Engineer Sarah Al-Khateeb is looking for a job at a top Architecture company. She worries that Zein, who is very strict, might not hire her, but he does because he knows she isn’t married and doesn’t have any other big responsibilities.

The problem is that Sarah has a son named Ibrahim who has cancer. As a single mother, she tried to get a good job, so she could pay for his treatment.

Series Al Thaman
Genre    Drama
Directed by           Fakart Qady
Country of Origin Lebanon 
OTT Platform
Al Thaman Episode 15 Release Date January 29, 2023

She lied to get the job, but when her son suddenly needed a bone marrow transplant, she had to put her whole career at risk.

Al Thaman Episode 15 Release Date: When Will It Air?

On January 29, 2023, the last episode of the Lebanese series will come out. Usually, new episodes come out on Sundays, and each one lasts about 48 to 50 minutes.

The Cast of Al Thaman Series

Most of the actors in this show are well-known and have been in a number of hit shows. Razane Jammal was born in Lebanon, and she began working in TV when she was just 15 years old. Her first job was the film Carlos, and then she worked on Djinn.

In the film Paranormal, she played Maggie, which is a notable part of her work. As Lyta Hall, she worked on the show The Sandman, which was her most recent project.

Al Thaman Episode 15 Release Date

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Basil Khaiat, the other main actor, is a well-known Syrian actor who began acting when he was only eight years old. He always wanted to work in movies, so he went to the Higher Institute of Dramatic Arts to study.

Basil has been in movies and TV shows from France, Beirut, Kuwait, and other places. After starring on the TV shows Secrets of the City, Big Dreams, and Women’s Love, he became well-known.

He lives with his wife, Nahed Zaidan, and their two children, Shams and Isabelle.

A Review of Al Thaman

In the last few episodes of Al Thaman, Zein’s feelings for Sarah grew. When Sarah can’t find that much money in such a short amount of time, she asks Mr Ibrahim to help his grandson, but he refuses.

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Sarah loses interest in her job when she sees how sad her son is. Instead, she decides to put her son first. Since Zein had started to see Sarah’s skills, he was finally treating her with respect.

However, since she started coming in late and not on time, he has gone back to being the strict and serious person he was when he first met her. Sarah is already under a lot of stress, but Zein starts to pile on even more stress.

She decides to leave her job and find another one. Ibrahim’s health keeps getting worse, and it doesn’t look like anyone can help. Later, Mr Ibrahim comes to see Ibrahim, but he’s too late because things are already bad.

After working on a project in Dubai, Zein apologizes to Sarah for how he treated her, but Sarah has already made up her mind. Karam and Zein find Sarah while they are doing charity work and find out what her secret is.

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This makes Zein feel even worse about what he did, so the company decides to call Sarah back and break the rules for her. In recent episodes, Sarah is getting used to the faster pace of her work, and Zein is getting ready to carry out a big project.

Al Thaman Episode 15: Where to Watch?

South Korea’s MBC airs Al Thaman at 6:00 a.m. EST. If you pay about $8.49 for a subscription to Shahid MBC, you can watch the show there. With the subscription, you can watch a wide range of Middle Eastern shows from anywhere in the world.

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