Mou Ippon Episode 4 Release Date: What is the Recommended Age to Watch This Show?

Episode 4 of the Mou Ippon! Anime series. Kumi Hiura, a new character, is shown for the first time. Hiura is Michi Sonoda’s old judo rival from junior high, and she transfers to Michi’s school, so they can keep competing.

Hiura is a natural talent with good technique and a strong will. She is determined to beat Michi in judo to show that she is better than she. Michi is determined not to lose to Hiura and to show off how good she is at the sport.

In this episode, Michi and Hiura fight in judo, and as they get to know each other better, they end up becoming friends. The episode shows how important friendship and good sportsmanship are in judo, and it hopes to encourage people to try their best.

Series Mou Ippon
Genre    Slice of Life, Sports
Directed by           Ogiwara, Takeru
Country of Origin Japan   
OTT Platform Crunchyroll, TV Tokyo
Mou Ippon Episode 4 Release Date January 29, 2023

When Will Mou Ippon! Episode 4 Be Released?

The long-awaited fourth episode of Mou Ippon will finally be released on January 29, 2023. This groundbreaking animated series takes place in a world made of brilliant imagination and powerful storytelling.

Mou Ippon Episode 4 Release

People who like animated movies can look forward to a unique adventure that will make them want more and come back for more. Mou Ippon! Episode 4 is sure to be a favourite with fans of all ages because of its unique art style, interesting plots, and likeable characters.

When the fourth episode of Mou Ippon comes out, you’ll be taken to a magical world full of new and exciting things to do.

Spoiler Mou Ippon! Episode 4

At this time, there are no known spoilers for Mou Ippon 4. You can now watch Season 1 in its entirety on Netflix. Even so, many people watch the show because they want to see exciting and scary things happen.

People on the Internet have been talking about the next episode of this show, both because they can’t wait for it and because they don’t want to know anything that might ruin it.

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So many people are waiting for it to come out that they can check if the rumours are true.

Mou Ippon Episode 4 Characters and Cast

There are some well-known and talented actors in the show, such as:

  • Himeno, Tsumugi Voiced by Nagase, Anna
  • Hiura, Towa Voiced by Miura, Chiyuki
  • Nagumo, Anna Voiced by Hieda, Nene
  • Sonoda, Michi Voiced by Itou, Ayasa
  • Takigawa, Sanae Voiced by Anzai, Yukari
  • Natsume, Shino Voiced by Uchiyama, Yumi

Where Can You See Mou Ippon!?

Look no further than Mou Ippon if you’re an anime fan looking for a heart-warming and uplifting series! This anime is available on Crunchyroll and TV Tokyo. It is available for international streaming in both Japanese with English subtitles and dubbed in English for those who prefer that version.

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Rating of Mou Ippon

The upcoming Mou Ippon! Season 1 has not yet been released, so there is no rating available. Fans have started to make predictions about the show’s rating before it ever airs, though.

When it finally comes out, it promises to bring nail-biting action sequences with breathtaking visuals that fans can anticipate.

Review of Mou Ippon! Season 1

Since it was initially revealed, interest has been growing in the new Japanese anime series Mou Ippon! There is no review of this anime because it has not yet been published.

Mou Ippon Episode 4 Release

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Nevertheless, because of the show’s original premise and aesthetic, both fans and critics are talking about its potential. When it debuts later this year, this new anime has the potential to rank among the most thrilling programs of 2023 because of its intriguing plot and stunning visuals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will There Be a Second Season of Mou Ippon!?

As of now, there is no proof that there will be a second season of About Mou Ippon!

What is the Recommended Age for Mou Ippon!?

Mou Ippon! It’s a PG-13 film.

How Many Episodes Will Be in the First Season of Mou Ippon!?

Season 1 of Mou Ippon! Only has 12 episodes.


Mou Ippon! Episode 4, the anime’s ending, shows Michi and her friends’ journey as they try to win the judo championship. The episode was about Hiura’s motivations for going to Michi’s school, which viewers could understand. When she faces Towa in the final round, Michi’s determination to become a champion is put to the test, but she decides to keep martial arts in her life. At the end of the episode, Michi and her friends are ready for their next adventure.

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