Power Slap Episode 3 Release Date: A Quick Recap of Power Slap!

Popular sports like football, hockey, and mixed martial arts also try to find a balance between skill and violence. On the other hand, the Power Slap League is made up of men who punch each other in the face.

Power Slap: Road to the Title, a show on TBS, is all about the new “sport.” There’s a fighting style that reminds us of The Ultimate Fighter but in its most natural, ridiculous, and dangerous form.

It’s reality TV on a really tight budget. Power Slap: Road to the League title is a normal reality show, except for the sexual parts. In the first episode, there are a lot of different contestants.

Host and slap instructor Dana White and his staff keep a close eye on them as they narrow the field down to a few who will live together, train together, and fight for a title.

Series Power Slap
Genre Reality-TV   
Produced by  Dana White
Country of Origin United States
OTT Platform Hulu, YouTube TV
Power Slap Episode 3 Release Date February 1, 2023

It could be a singing contest, a show about food, or an event with a famous person. Still, it is a smack. A lot of people were getting hit.

Power Slap Episode 3 Release Date

The third episode of Power Slap: Road to the Title will air on February 1, 2023. The show is one of the most popular right now, and every Wednesday, a new episode comes out.

A Quick Recap of Power Slap

Seven candidates for Program 1 were chosen, and the rest of the roster spots will be filled on tonight’s show. Let’s start with the two most important things.

Power Slap Episode 3 Release Date

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Frank Holland wore blue, and Ayjay Hintz wore grey. Both of them make it through the first round. The second round has begun. Hintz wins by technical knockout in the third round.

Fights between people who weigh bantamweight. Michael Smith (in blue) came to the first episode and was asked to come back. The suit that Paul Teague is wearing is grey.

They finish the first one. In the next round, Teague goes first. He knocks Smith down, but then fouls and loses a point. Smith says in response. The next weight class is a middleweight.

Mike Webster in blue, Emanuel Muniz in grey. Mike won the bet, but for some reason, he chose to go second… Muniz knocked him out with the first blow. Man, this isn’t football.

Don’t surrender. Now we’re getting into the big leagues. Mitchell Sipe from The Ultimate Fighter is in grey, and Kody Hrastnick is in blue. Sipe wins the toss of the coin and takes the chance to go first.

The winner is the first hit. Coming back to the welterweight class. Alex Asbury comes back from Episode 1 wearing a navy shirt. He missed it because he had a big cut on his lip.

Grey W.A. Frost. Frost is the first person to beat. Asbury loses one point because he stepped. Alex can’t keep going after Frost tells him over and over again that he stepped on a knockdown. DQ, on the other hand, beats him.

Some interesting choices. If the boxer hears a foul, he can choose to stay on the ground and win. Asbury is being held by the commission for medical reasons, so Dana White has decided to let Waylon into the home instead of Asbury.

That seems a little odd. Now is the time for those who were left out to shine. Danny Robles is wearing grey clothes, and Russel Rivero is wearing blue clothes.

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In the first round, Rivero was punched, but the hit was against the rules. So, he wasn’t good enough. Robles were severely beaten, but he was also put on suspension, and Rivero was taken to his flat.

On stage will be the big names. Travis Aragon (blue) and Travis Kennedy (grey) both play the same characters they did in Episode 1. Round one is over for both players.

The next round has started. The third part is now on the market. By a vote of 3-2, the judges give it to Kennedy. Again, lightweight, heavy. Nicolae Solcoci is shown in grey, and Isaiah Quinones is shown in blue.

Solcoci won the first round by knockout (KO). We have already moved on to the coaches choosing teams. A few people can’t get in because of their weight class numbers.

Power Slap Episode 3 Release Date

Darius flips a coin, and Mitchell Sipe comes out on top. Wolverine will be played by Ryan Phillips. We’re moving so fast now that it’s hard for me to keep up with both orders.

Who is the Show’s Executive Producer?

This show is produced by Dana White.

How to Stream Power Slap?

“Power Slap: Road to the Title” can be watched on TBS, the TBS Mobile App, Hulu, YouTube TV, and anywhere else. After a 5-day free trial, a bundle of TBS channels starts at $69.99 per month.

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On Sling TV Blue and DirecTV Stream, you can watch TBS even if you don’t have a cable subscription. The Blue plan costs $30 a month, while bundles from Directv start at $74.99 a month for 24 months, which includes taxes and fees for Directv entertainment.

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