Gannibal Episode 7 Release Date: Quick Recap of the Previous Episode!

Korean TV has become more and more popular over the years, thanks to dramas like Alchemy of Souls and horror shows like All of Us Are Dead.

Not to mention the TV show Gannibal, which is based on the same-named novel by Massaki Nimomiya. These two works are just two of many that have made people curious about the year 2022.

Everyone has had the uncomfortable thought, “What would people taste like?” at some point in their lives. Even though cannibalism is against the law, it has always been a source of disagreement, even though it is a basic fact.

Most people won’t let someone gnaw on their leg. It’s a sickening idea, and even though characters like Hannibal Lecter make it seem rich and sophisticated, most people will never have to deal with it.

Even though we don’t know if people like pork or chicken better, Gannibal, Hulu’s latest live-action Japanese suspense thriller, will look into what happens when a small group of people eats each other.

Series Gannibal 
Genre    Thriller, Mystery and Horror 
Directed by           Katayama Shinzo
Country of Origin Japan 
OTT Platform Disney+, Hulu
Gannibal Episode 7 Release Date February 1, 2023

Masaaki Ninomiya’s anime series Gannibal, which started in early 2020, will be changed for the mainstream world by Gannibal. Here’s what we know so far about the likely last episode of the show’s first season, which you can watch on Hulu.

Gannibal Episode 7 Release Date: When Will It Air?

Episode 7 of the Japanese drama series Gannibal, which is very well-liked, will air on February 1, 2023. But because it was so popular, the season of a show was put together after only a few episodes.

Gannibal Episode 7 Release Date

After seeing the most recent episode, fans are eager to find out how the show ends. Episode 7 of Season 1 of Gannibal will air on Disney+ in the US on February 1, 2023, at 4 p.m.

Outside of Japan, Episode 7 of Gannibal will be available on February 1 at 8 a.m. AEDT, 9 p.m. GMT, 2.30 a.m. IST, and 3 p.m. CST.

Gannibal A quick Recap of Previous Episode

After making a lot of trouble, police officer Daigo Agawa decides to move his family to the remote mountain village of Kuge with his wife Yuki and son Mashiro.

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Even though a military soldier stationed there went missing in a strange way, it seems like the best place for the family to recover from their ordeal.

The people in the village make their living by cutting and selling cypress wood. The whole place is run by the Goto family, who own most of the land in the hamlet.

On the hills, the body of an old woman is found one day. The Gotos says she was bitten by a bear, but Daigo finds a fatal wound on her arm that was caused by a needle.

Daigo starts to think that something is wrong with the village. Agawa notices strange things happening in the village, which leads to fights and a lot of head blows.

As the trailer ends, Agawa turns around and sees an old, grey-skinned man who looks like a hollow shell compared to the other healthy people in the hamlet.

We don’t know if the dirty man is a dead body, a cannibal, or something else. All we know is that he has a chip on his shoulder. Just as the title sequence is about to fall, the person jumps back and swings a scythe at Agawa’s head.

Someone could be seen staring blankly at the tired man as he dragged Agawa up a hill while she was unconscious. It doesn’t look like it will be a gory horror show, but more of a thriller.

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As Kuge’s secrets are slowly revealed, the viewer will be taken on an exciting roller coaster. As the show goes on, there will be a lot to look into, like the mystery of the Goto family and how much power they have over the village and the reason why the haggard person looks and acts the way he does.

Agawa Daigo has been given the job of becoming Chuzai of Kyokamura while also figuring out what happened to his predecessor. He finds out the shocking truth about Hamlet during this surgery.

A cannibalistic custom that is still going on in the town. Even though the basic idea of Gannibal is scary, the story is mostly about the people in it.

Gannibal Episode 7 Release Date

You will meet lots of interesting people. Some are stronger than others, but they all have problems. One of them was Chuzai, the strong young man.

Gannibal Episode 7 Streaming Guideline!

Gannibal Episode 7 will be on Disney+ in Japan at 6 a.m. JST on February 1, 2023. On the other hand, entertainment from other countries can be watched using the Disney+ and Hulu apps after the country’s hours are matched with those above.

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Right now, you can watch The Gannibal Series on Hulu and Disney Plus. A well-known manga series called “Gannibal” has been turned into a film that is now playing. Shinzô Katayama will be in charge of the Takamasa Oe film.

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