Love Island Season 9 Episode 18 Release Date: Recap of Previous Episode!

Love Island Season 9 Episode 18 is coming up soon. After seeing episode 15, I think Samie might be my favourite Islander. Tom took the fact that Ellie and Tom wanted to keep their kiss a secret very literally.

And when Kai told me what Tom’s whole plan was, I was like, “Yes, that’s it.” Tom loves being chased. It’s not even that he wants to be the centre of attention; he just likes it when women come to him without him having to do anything.

So, once you get to know him a little bit, he says, “Now I’m bored.” But here comes Ellie, grafting, and he’s very happy because he doesn’t have to do a damn thing. Olivia feels like she and Tom are stuck, so she decides to cut off her relationship with Spencer.

Since I hate seeing people get tricked, it’s hard for me to feel sorry for Olivia. All the backstabbing, laughing behind Zara’s back, and going back and forth with her just makes it hard for me to feel sorry for her.

Series Love Island 
Genre     Reality Show 
Narrated by           Iain Stirling
Country of Origin United Kingdom 
OTT Platform Itv2
Love Island Season 9 Episode 18 Release Date February 2, 2023

Love Island Season 9 Episode 18 Release Date and Time

ITV2 will air Love Island Season 9 Episode 18 on February 2, 2023. At the end of episode 15, Tanya told Zara about the kiss between Tom and Ellie.

I don’t think Tanya would have told Zara first, but the producers know that if Zara knows something about a bad boy, she will light up the Villa. I’m here for the drama, but I’m tired of the storyline.

Love Island Season 9 Episode 18 Release Date

I’m also ready for Olivia’s spot to be blown up, so I guess I’m here for it.

Recap of Love Island’s Season 9 Episode 15

Let’s quickly review the last episode before moving on to Love Island Season 9 Episode 18. Ron is attempting to be a nice boy by keeping things quiet when Tanyel asks him if Kai is interested in continuing things with Samie.

I really want Kai to move, even if I detest saying it. Mostly because Tanyel has generally been a kind girl. I think there’s a part of her that could really be revealed, and if she wanted to, she could.

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I’m ready for some drama because Olivia and Zara’s drama has had enough. Please put it on hold. Tanyel should serve Kai his ass, in my opinion. I am aware that Tanyel is the type to say, “It’s okay, I’ll serve you what you served me.”

She might not bring the heat, but if she did, I would be present. Then, as if it were a kind act, Ron tries to talk to Lana, promising her that even though Samie is his type, he will fight against his instincts and stay with Lana.

I think he’s practically preparing her for heartache. She will be prepared to say, “If I were to go that path, you know that’s where naturally I’m pulled to someone like Samie.”

I was unable to satisfy my natural needs. I believe that is what he is setting up, therefore I’m relieved that others are beginning to voice their concerns. Even Jessie said, “That’s not very encouraging,” which confirms my suspicion.

Meanwhile, Lana is beginning to realize, “Wait, I don’t think what he’s saying to me is positive stuff. I think he’s trying to give me indicators that I normally wouldn’t like you, and I’m kind of forcing this to see if something would work.” I believe she is becoming more aware of the situation.

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Girls Are Afraid of Tanyel, According to Kai

At the gym, Will and Kai have a discussion about Kai’s belief that “women are not pursuing him.” You see, this is what occurs when your skull is blown up too much in the beginning.

At the beginning of the season, every woman was competing for Kai, but not any longer. Kai is certain that Tanyel’s fear is the reason the women aren’t after him. No, Kai, Tanyel makes you nervous.

Love Island Season 9 Episode 18 Release Date

She already admitted to wanting to hurl something at you during the time she envied you for talking to Anna-May. Tom and Samie are chatting about their relationship and Samie admits that she is sick of Tom. I’m simply like, “Okay, and then what,” even when Tom uses his eyes to stare down the barrel of your soul.

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So what happens once he has finished staring at you? Because I can’t see it and don’t understand it, I would love for one of these women to explain just what it is about Tom that makes him such a draw.

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