Truth Be Told Season 3 Episode 3 Release Date: What Happened in the Previous Episode of This Show?

Based on Kathleen Barber’s book Are You Sleeping, the American drama streaming series Truth Be Told was created for Apple TV+. Welcome to “Truth Be Told Episode 3,” the most recent entry in our blog series.

The highly awaited Truth Be Told Episode 3 will be covered in-depth in this blog article, along with the release date, spoilers, and recaps that have been making the rounds online.

Drama, suspense, and an intriguing new subplot are all promised in this episode, which viewers won’t want to miss! The third episode of Truth Be Told Season 3 will soon air, and viewers can expect a really memorable experience.

To help you get the most out of this brand-new episode, we are here to give you all the information you require. Let’s dive right in and discover the mysteries of Truth Be Told Episode 3 now.

Series Truth Be Told
Genre    Crime, Drama, Mystery, Thriller
Created by          Nichelle Tramble Spellman
Country of Origin United States   
OTT Platform Apple Tv+
Truth Be Told Season 3 Episode 3 Release Date February 3, 2023

When Will Truth Be Told Season 3 Episode 3 Be Released?

The third episode of Season 3 of Truth Be Told is set to come out on February 3, 2023. “Here She Shall See No Enemy” is the name of this episode.

In the latest episode of Season 3’s Truth Be Told, fans will finally get to see how their favourite characters handle the many problems they face every day. They’ll also see exciting new things happen in the stories that will make them hang on every word.

Truth Be Told Season 3 Episode 3 Release Date

Spoiler for Truth Be Told Season 3 Episode 3

As of right now, there are no hints about the third episode of Season 3 of Truth Be Told on the Internet. Even so, viewers are hoping that some thrilling and exciting things will happen in this episode because the first two episodes have left them wanting more.

People have shared their ideas and theories about what might happen in this next episode on social media sites. Fans can’t wait for it to come out, so they can see if all these rumours are true.

Rating of Truth Be Told Season 2

The second season of Truth Be Told has received favourable reviews and ratings. With a 76% Rotten Tomatoes rating and an IMDB rating of 7.1.

This indicates that not only are people loving the Season 2 storylines, but they are also eagerly anticipating what will happen in Season 3! Fans value the show’s amusing and upbeat tone as well as its realistic depiction of school life.

How Did the Last Episode of Truth Be Told End?

The second episode is set up by what happens after Drea dies. Poppy and her sisters went to see Drea’s parents while they were in town to show them how sorry they were.

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As shown in a flashback, the police found Eva in the motel where Drea was killed. They then took her into custody. When Poppy tells Ames to question Eva, they don’t find out anything important.

Poppy is criticized now for not doing anything, even though if she had done something right away, she might have saved Drea’s life. Still, Eva defends Poppy in public.

Poppy and Eva are able to put their differences aside over time. Eva says that she often stopped by the hotel to see how one of her students was doing, whose father is an undocumented immigrant who lives there.

So, to keep her family safe, she didn’t say anything during the police investigation. While Drea’s mother is being comforted, Poppy and Markus look for clues in her room.

Poppy finds a phone in Drea’s room that has the Questeur app on it. Drea used this app to talk to people she didn’t know. Markus told me that the software sends encrypted messages that disappear after a certain amount of time.

While Markus takes care of his wife, who is pregnant, Poppy decides to find out more. She hangs out with the same group of women who used drugs with Drea.

The women, on the other hand, don’t want to say anything about Drea’s pimp. They had dinner with their daughter Trini and her boyfriend after a short fight.

Poppy asks Shreve to help her find answers, but when he starts getting violent, she doesn’t know what to do. Later, Poppy goes to see her aunt, and the two of them go through her mother’s things.

Markus and Poppy find a needle in Drea’s room when they go back to the hotel where she is staying with Markus and Poppy. Poppy gives the phone and needle to Ames, so he can check it out.

Ames keeps looking for Emily, the second Oakland teen who has gone missing. Ames talks to Emily’s parents to find out if they think a family member or friend had something to do with her disappearance.

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After getting the proof of Drea’s case from Poppy, Ames finds out that Drea talked to a man named Bruno Pascal. Poppy, Markus, and Eva, who wants another chance to help Poppy, go after the trail.

When they talked to Pascal, the three of them learned that Drea had a fight with a man named Trey the night she died. Markus won’t let Eva come with them when they go to Trey’s house. After Eva leaves, Markus turns to Poppy and asks if he can trust her.

Truth Be Told Season 3 Episode 3 Cast and Characters

The show stars a number of well-known and talented actors, including:

  • Poppy Scoville-Parnell is played by Octavia Spencer.
  • Markus Knox is played by Mekhi Phifer.
  • Desiree Scoville is played by Tracie Thoms.
  • Leander ‘Shreve’ Scoville is played by Ron Cephas Jones.
  • Haneefah Wood in the role of Cydie Scoville
  • Herbie is played by Rico E. Anderson.
  • Noa Havilland is played by Katherine LaNasa.

Truth Be Told Season 3 Episode 3 Release Date

Where Can I Watch Season Three of Truth Be Told?

Are you trying to find a location to watch Truth Be Told’s third season online? You’re in luck, then! The acclaimed programme is now available for watching on Apple TV+. A streaming service with a subscription model called Apple TV+ focuses on different types of content.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Recommended Age for Truth Be Told?

The age rating for Truth Be Told is R-1.

How Many Episodes Will There Be in Season 3 of Truth Be Told?

There are only 10 episodes in Season 3 of Truth Be Told.

Where Can You Find Truth Be Told to Watch?

On Apple TV+ you watch Truth Be Told.


It’s obvious that “Truth Be Told” has been a success with fans after reviewing the third episode. Fans have responded favourably to the show’s blend of fantasy and drama, and interest in it is only growing. The public is anticipating Episode 3 because it will air soon. It’s certain to be another hit based on the prior episodes.

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