Swat Season 6 Episode 13 Release Date: Where Was This Show 6 Season Filmed?

The next week will see the premiere of SWAT Season 6 Episode 13. Fans of the show adore it because it depicts the actors’ personal and professional life as well as how they resolve some of the most challenging cases while abiding by police policy and laws.

American procedural action drama television programme S.W.A.T. In the previous episode, the crew prevented a suspect with a gun from entering a recovery facility.

And because many episodes like this one are exciting, viewers are eagerly awaiting the next one to see what new things will be revealed. Shemar Moore, who portrays Daniel “Hondo” Harrelson, the head of the SWAT team, is the show’s major protagonist.

Since he is the leader, he has many responsibilities in addition to his single-life aim of making Los Angeles a crime-free zone. He is entirely committed to achieving this goal. Street, Luca, Chris, and Deacon are a few of his team’s supporting players.

The episode features a variety of challenges for the SWAT squad, like handling hostage situations, active shooter calls, gang violence, and political corruption.

Series SWAT
Genre    Action Drama Crime  
Created by          Robert Hamner
Country of Origin United States 
OTT Platform CBS
SWAT Season 6 Episode 13 Release Date February 10, 2023

They must also navigate the LAPD’s complex political landscape, where decisions made by the department’s top brass may have a big impact on the team’s ability to carry out its duties. Let’s discuss when and where SWAT Season 6 Episode 13 will be available for viewing.

SWAT Season 6 Episode 13 Release Date: When Will It Air?

The 13th episode of SWAT’s sixth season will air on Friday, February 10, 2023, at 8 p.m. ET. It will last 44 minutes, on CBS. “Lion’s Share” is the name of the episode, and we will see how The SWAT team rushes to stop a bloody rampage that has ties to a hard time in Hicks’ past.

SWAT Season 6 Episode 13 Release Date

SWAT Season 6 Show Summary

In the episode called “Sequel,” we saw how someone broke into the house of a Hollywood actress without permission. Hondo had to work with Sanchez, a veteran cop who used to lead 20 Squad.

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They are looking for a hardened criminal who will do anything to get what he wants. And at the end, we saw Tan trying to buy a wedding gift for his wife, but he couldn’t find anything. In the episode “Guacaine,” we saw how violence broke out at a well-known food truck festival.

The crew had to fight a violent drug cartel that was determined to get back a big shipment of drugs no matter what. In the episode “Pariah,” there were a lot of shootings in LA, and the SWAT team had to find the person who could stop them.

The team knows that a family member on the SWAT team is the only one who can stop this from happening. Hondo will also meet Rochelle’s parents at the same time.

This meeting will be the first time it has ever happened. Tan was trying to help Luca get out of a tough and painful situation. In the episode “Witness,” we saw how quickly the SWAT team worked to find a child who had been taken from a homeless shelter.

Also, Street lets his own experiences shape how he thinks about the kidnapping case, and Hondo and Nichelle disagree about their religious beliefs.

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In the episode “Atonement,” we saw that the SWAT team and the FBI had to work together to catch a group of terrorists who had bombed a car and were getting ready to attack Los Angeles.

Also, a tragedy from Deacon’s past shows where his faith came from, and Luca and his brother Terry fight about a new family secret.

SWAT Season 6 Episode 13 Cast

  • Daniel Harrelson is played by Shemar Moore.
  • Jessica Cortez is played by Stephanie Sigman.
  • Jim Street is played by Alex Russell.
  • Christina Alonso is played by Lina Esco.
  • Dominique Luca is portrayed by Kenny Johnson.
  • Jack Mumford is played by Peter Onorati.
  • David Kay is played by Jay Harrington.
  • Victor Tan is portrayed by David Lim.

Where Can You Watch SWAT Season 6 Episode 13?

Prepare to watch as CBS broadcasts live Episode 13 of Season 6 of SWAT. To make sure you don’t miss a second of the action, keep an eye out for the details provided above.

SWAT Season 6 Episode 13 Release Date

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If you miss the live broadcast, the episode will also be available for streaming on the website of Paramount Plus.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where Was Season 6 of SWAT Filmed?

Thailand is where Season 6 of SWAT is filmed. Paul Bernard, who is the executive producer, says that it is “basically a Thai production.” “The quality of the work is crazy.

Is Swat Prohibited on Netflix India?

The film S.W.A.T. is not on Netflix India. It’s on Netflix in other countries, and you can get it and start streaming it with just a few easy steps.

Where in India Can I Stream the SWAT Series?

From India, you can watch S.W.A.T. on Hulu online.

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