Is Blue Lock Episode 19 On Amazon Prime: How Come Blue Lock Manga is So Popular?

Episode 19 of the popular action-adventure show Blue Lock is out now. In this episode, our heroes will face new problems as they try to do the right thing. Let’s go over what’s happened so far before we start the story. In the first 18 episodes, our explorers were taken by a mysterious group and came close to getting away.

The manga by Muneyuki Kaneshiro and Yusuke Nomura was turned into an anime called Blue Lock. This month, Attack 19 comes out. In this episode, a group of high school students must use their football skills to compete in a game that will determine the fate of their hometown.

People have said that the story is interesting, and the animation is great. Fans of sports anime have to try this!

Series Blue Lock
Genre    Sports, Thriller 
Written by            Muneyuki Kaneshiro
Country of Origin Japan
OTT Platform TV Asahi
Blue Lock Episode 19 Release Date February 18, 2023

Blue Lock Episode 19 Release Date

Blue Lock, a well-known sports anime, is preparing to release its 19th installment. This new episode will finally be released for the many viewers who have been eagerly waiting for it. Episode 19 of Blue Lock will be just as thrilling and action-packed as the previous ones.

This is an exciting period for fans as the story progresses and fresh turns and twists are revealed. The next episode of Blue Lock, episode 19, is scheduled to air on February 18, 2023, on Sunday.

Is Blue Lock Episode 19 On Amazon Prime

Blue Lock Season 1 Rating

Websites that rate movies and television, such as IMDb (8.9/10) and MyAnimeList (8.5/10), Rated with the help of the audience score, which gives us the knowledge we need about all the well-known films and will help the audience decide whether to see the anime.

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Spoilers for Blue Lock Episode 19

Each episode comes to a dramatic conclusion with a collision that reveals much about the athletes’ mental and emotional states. It might take longer than normal to view more of this thrilling event. Since BLUE LOCK is a brand-new manga, Episode 19 has not yet been officially spoiled.

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I can only suppose that the characters in the upcoming volumes will be even more powerful. The excitement for brand-new episodes hasn’t subsided. I am eternally grateful to Japan for opening my eyes to a completely different way of looking at the world.

Is Blue Lock Episode 19 On Amazon Prime?

You can now stream the anime series Blue Lock, which stars Kazuki Ura, Tasuku Kaito, and Yuki Ono. You can also use your Roku to watch it on Amazon Prime.

How Blue Lock Manga is So Popular?

Since the first chapter of Blue Lock came out, manga readers all over the world have loved the series. Blue Lock is a popular manga series, and on October 9, 2022, it was finally made into an anime.

Fans of the manga Blue Lock will also like the anime version, which is getting a lot of attention. The Blue Lock manga series is so well-liked that it just won the 45th Kodansha Manga Award for the year 2021 in the shōnen manga category.

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Blue Lock Episode 19 Voice Cast and Character

Blue Lock’s characters are fantastic, and their voice actors are all excellent. Perhaps a few new characters will be introduced in upcoming episodes. Here are some details about the Blue Lock characters and their voice actors.

Is Blue Lock Episode 19 On Amazon Prime

  • In Japanese, Yoichi Isagi is voiced by Kazuki Ura.
  • Tasuku Kaito is the Japanese voice actor for Meguru Bachira.
  • Yuki Ono will play Rensuke Kunigami in Japanese.
  • Masatomo Nakazawa provided the voice of Wataru Kuon.
  • Hyma Chigiri is portrayed by Soma Saito.

Where Can I Find Blue Lock to Watch Online?

Now, you can stream the popular anime series Blue Lock on Crunchyroll, which is one of the best places to stream anime. This means that now, people who subscribe to Crunchyroll can watch their favorite anime series, Blue Lock, with just one subscription.


In the nineteenth episode of the popular Japanese anime series Blue Lock, Isagi comes to the conclusion that Kuon saw Team Z lose to Team W. He made sure he had more points than anyone else on Team Z, so he was the only one left. We follow Isagi as he gets back to Japan and is given the chance to try out for the national team of the Japan Football Union.

The shocking things that will happen in the next episodes will keep people glued to their TVs. Many well-known TV shows and online shows have extra content on our website.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Episodes Are in Season 1 of Blue Lock?

There will be 24 episodes in the first season of Blue Lock.

What Kind of Show is the Blue Lock?

The sports and thriller genres are used in the anime Blue Lock.

Is Blue Lock a Manga or a Light Novel?

No, the Blue Lock manga series is not over, and if you want to read it online, Kodansha is the company that puts it out. On Amazon, you can buy print copies of manga.

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