The Catch Episode 4 Release Date: Who Plays the Lead Role in This Series?

Fans want to know when The Catch Episode 4 will come out. The show is about a drama series that Michael Crompton makes. The story is based on a book of the same name that was written by T.M. Logan and came out not long ago. Jason Watkins from McDonald and Dodds is now playing the main character, Ed Collier, on the show.

Aneurin Barnard plays the part of Ryan, who is also called “the catch.” Poppy Gilbert plays the role of Abbie Collier on stage. The first episode of the show didn’t air until January. It is a short show that is broken up into four parts.

The plot of the show starts with Ed Collier, who is having a hard time making a living because the other young fishermen on the shore always get the best fish. Abbie is the daughter of Ed, and she’s going out with a guy named Ryan. Well, as any father would be, Ed has a lot of doubts about Ryan, which makes sense.

He thinks the man is rich, good-looking, and successful, but he doesn’t tell Abbie that. Ed and his wife, Claire, had a son 15 years ago, but they lost him. It all happened because of an accident on a boat. So, she understands why her husband is being too protective of their daughter right now.

Series The Catch
Genre    Thriller  
Directed by           Robert Quinn
Country of Origin United Kingdom
OTT Platform Channel 5 
The Catch Episode 4 Release Date February 15, 2023

When Will the Catch Episode 4 Come Out?

Episode 4 of The Catch will come out on February 15, 2023. At 9 PM British Standard Time, the episode will air on Channel 5. This British crime drama airs new episodes every Wednesday.

The Catch Episode 4 Release Date

The Catch Episode 4 Cast: Who Plays the Lead Role?

This series has Jason Watkins and Ryan Wilson as the leading characters.

  • Ryan is played by Aneurin Barnard.
  • Abbie is played by Poppy Gilbert.
  • Claire is played by Cathy Belton.
  • Bob is played by Ian Pirie.
  • George is played by Morgan Palmeria.
  • Katz is played by Jade Jordan.
  • Brenda Fricker in the role of Phyllis
  • Josh is played by Jacob Hickey.
  • Pauline is played by Menyee Lai.

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Review of The Catch Previous Episodes

But it doesn’t matter what you say to Ed because he is already determined to find out the truth about Ryan. So, to find out more about Ryan, he asks George, Abbie’s ex-boyfriend, for help. As the two try to follow in his footsteps, they are shocked to see that Ryan goes to a red-light district and sleeps with another woman.

He doesn’t like this at all, so he tries to talk to Ryan about it by showing him the video he took of him with her. Even though Ryan’s answer turns out to be good, that doesn’t mean that the Collier family now likes him. In fact, everyone starts to hate him a lot. Well, this isn’t everything.

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Strange things start to happen to Ed after a few days. Basically, Ed’s life is getting very dark, and he is getting strange and scary messages. Usually, he paints these on his boat and on the deck. But Ed’s life gets worse and worse as time goes on. He isn’t sure that George is the right person here any more, and maybe he’s right.

Even though he needs to be free to look into his hunch more, which is getting harder every day now that he is getting in trouble with the law. He gets new warnings telling him to leave the past alone and stop digging without a plan.

The Catch Episode 4 Release Date

In a later part of the show, a body washes up in the harbour, and the police are looking into what happened. When he is blamed for the murder of this person, things get very scary.

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Trailer of The Catch


The Catch is a drama series from Michael Crompton based on the book of the same name by T.M. Logan. Jason Watkins from McDonald and Dodds is now playing the main character, Ed Collier, and Aneurin Barnard plays Ryan. Abbie Collier is the daughter of Ed, and she is going out with Ryan, who is rich, good-looking, and successful. Ed is determined to find out the truth about Ryan, so he asks George, Abbie’s ex-boyfriend, for help.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where Can I Watch the Catch Series?

You can stream The Catch on Channel 5.

How Many Episodes Does the Series the Catch Contain?

Only four episodes of The Catch will be made.

When Was the Catch Release?

On January 25, 2023, Channel 5 showed the first episode of The Catch.

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