Is Hard Cell Season 1 On Amazon Prime? Where Was This Series Filmed?

The British mockumentary streaming sitcom Hard Cell was created by Catherine Tate, who also plays six of the main roles. The first episode of the six-part series came out on Netflix on April 12, 2022. After one season, the show was canceled. Read this article to find out where and how to watch Season 1 of Hard Cell.

Series Hard Cell
Genre    Mockumentary Sitcom
Developed by          Catherine Tate
Country of Origin United Kingdom
OTT Platform Netflix   
No of Seasons 1

Is Hard Cell Season 1 On Amazon Prime?

According to, The first season of Hard Cell is not available on Amazon Prime, which is too bad. But there are other ways to watch this show.

Where to Watch Hard Cell Season 1?

Is Hard Cell Season 1 On Amazon Prime

Excellent news! You and your family can watch Hard Cell as well as everything else Netflix has to offer. There are no hidden fees or contracts with Netflix. Use your smartphone, tablet, smart TV, laptop, or streaming device to watch. Plans range from $6.99 to $19.99 per month, making it simple to find one that gives you access to popular TV shows, movies, documentaries, and other content.

Hard Cell Season 1 Cast

  • Pat Pat is played by Lisa Davina Phillip.
  • Cathy With The Hat is played by Melissa James.
  • Suzie Chard in the role of No Hat Cathy
  • Andy Wood as a Tom Jones impersonator
  • Ioan is played by Daniel Hawksford.
  • Mama Dede is played by Jumoké Fashola.
  • Charlee is played by Jola Olajide.
  • Vicki is played by Dystin Johnson.

Where Was Hard Cell Series Filmed?

“Hard Cell” is made in the United Kingdom, specifically in the City of London. The story takes place in a made-up female prison in Essex. The United Kingdom has a wide range of landscapes. It is made up of the island of Great Britain, the northeastern part of Ireland, and a number of smaller islands. This adaptability helps all sorts of projects.

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Hard Cell Season 1 “Review”

Critics liked what they saw in the first season of Hard Cell. It looks like people will like the second season of the show Hard Cell. At the end of the first season of Hard Cell, we saw that the show will continue with all new episodes. Later, Ange stands up for what she believes in, Ros gets a surprise visitor, and Laura gets help to connect with an inmate.

After having a good time together, the two prisoners go their separate ways. On the other hand, Ros sits down with Sebastian, and soon, Laura’s leadership starts to rub off on an unlikely ally.

Is Hard Cell Season 1 On Amazon Prime

Later, Songs from the Inside has its opening night, but not before Laura finds a legal notice that is both a sad letter and a medical emergency. Let’s wait and see what comes next. Maybe the second season of the show Hard Cell will continue the story from the first season.

No news has been given about what will happen in Season 2 of Hard Cell. If we hear anything new about Season 2 of Hard Cell, we’ll add it here.

Hard Cell Season 1 Trailer


Hard Cell is a British mockumentary streaming sitcom created by Catherine Tate and released on Netflix in 2022. It stars six main roles, including Pat Pat, Cathy With The Hat, Andy Wood, Ioan, Mama Dede, Charlee, Vicki, and Dystin Johnson.

Critics liked the first season, and it looks like the second season will continue with all new episodes. There are no hidden fees or contracts with Netflix, and plans range from $6.99 to $19.99 per month.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Hard Cell Series Appropriate for Children?

Hard Cell has a TV-MA rating, which means that only adults should watch it. The content is not appropriate for children under the age of 17.

Is It Worth It to Watch Hard Cell Series?

The series Hard Cell has received a good response from the audience. It has a good story in it. As soon as we hear anything else about it, we’ll put it here.

Hard Cell Series Has How Many Episodes?

Hard Cell is made up of six episodes. The average length of an episode is between 24 and 27 minutes. Below is a list of all the Hard Cell episodes and when they will air.

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