Who is Kishibe From Chainsaw Man? Is He is the Strongest ?

We’re back with a new article about the people in Chainsaw Man. Chainsaw Man is so damn good that we just can’t get enough of it. We’re going to talk about Kishibe Chainsaw Man today. A mysterious and strong person who helps Denji and Power learn how to fight. He says he is the most powerful Devil Hunter in the series, but we manga fans know that Makima and Denji are much stronger than Kishibe.

But one thing is for sure: Kishibe is the strongest person the series has introduced so far. What gives him so much strength? Let’s find out.

Who is Kishibe From Chainsaw Man? His Skills

Like most, if not all, Devil Hunters, Kishibe has contracts with three dangerous Devils: the Knife Devil, the Claw Devil, and the Needle Devil. Unlike most Hunters, though, this character doesn’t seem to rely much on contracts to get things done. His brute strength alone is often enough to beat his opponents.

As the most experienced hunter in Division 4, Kishibe has been in the most fights than anyone else. This has given him an incredible amount of strength. This is shown by how easily he breaks Power’s blood weapons and kills her and Denji in direct battle. But strength by itself doesn’t make a man.

Who is Kishibe From Chainsaw Man

During his training with the young Devil Hunters, Kishibe shows insane speed in battle, increased durability, and amazing reflexes that help him in close-quarters fights. Also, the hunter is very good at throwing knives and is good at using knives in battle in general. It’s not clear if Kishibe’s contract with the Knife Devil gave him this skill, since we don’t know what powers the contracts give him.

At the time this was written, Kishibe had no known weaknesses besides the fact that he was going to die. Being human in a world with free-roaming Devils is a disadvantage in and of itself, especially for Kishibe’s job.

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Even though the hunter is surprisingly strong, being human means that you will die. Unless Kishibe becomes a Devil at some point in the story, he is vulnerable to attacks that will kill him.

Is Kishibe the Strongest Devil Hunter?

Despite Kishibe’s assertions, he isn’t the most powerful Devil Hunter in Chainsaw Man. Those who have read the manga are already aware that Makima and Denji turn out to be far stronger characters, but to be fair, they also have the advantage of being extremely strong Devils, making them practically invincible.

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What makes Kishibe so strong? He seems to be the strongest human character introduced thus far in the series.

What Do We Know About Kishibe’s Background?

Not much is known about Kishibe’s past, which is a shame. In a side story of the Chainsaw Man manga, readers saw Kishibe when he was younger and learned a little bit about him. The hunter met his Devil Hunter partner, Quanxi, when he was very young. He fell in love with her right away and asked her out on a date the first time they met.

As you might guess, that didn’t go over well. Quanxi turned down his offer and then punched him right away. Over the years, when they worked together, Kishibe asked his partner the same question over and over to try to change her mind. Quanxi’s answer was always the same, which was bad for him.

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Based on this piece of information, it’s safe to say that Kishibe wasn’t always the quiet man he is now, but he was always honest. Kishibe shows over and over that, despite his poker face, he does have feelings. He is actually a very emotional person who grows to like Power and Denji a lot as the series goes on. To be fair, these two tend to walk right into people’s hearts without being asked.

Who is Kishibe From Chainsaw Man

Make sure you don’t miss any new Chainsaw Man episodes if you want to see more of Kishibe. You can stream the anime on both Crunchyroll and Hulu.

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