What is Red River in the Boys? Who Are the Boys Unwanted Supes?

In the second season of “The Boys,” we meet Victoria Neuman, a congresswoman who seems determined to make Vought and the Supes answer for what they did. But in the end, we find out that she has been playing for Vought the whole time.

The third season of the show goes right into her roots and past. Tony, a man from her past, shows up and calls her Nadia. He tells her what happened to them in Red River.

Soon, it’s pretty clear that Victoria doesn’t want anyone to know about any of it. She’s willing to do anything to keep it a secret. This makes people even more interested in her past and in Red River. What we know about it is as follows.

What is Red River in the Boys?

Even though the Seven and other popular Supes get a lot of attention and show, Vought likes to keep the dark things hidden. Red River is one place where Vought likes to hide the fact that it has failed. It’s a place for kids with superpowers who don’t have a place to live.

From what I can tell, Red River isn’t getting enough money or care. Vought may look at it sometimes, but it doesn’t pay much attention to the kids there until they are old enough to help. Most of the children in Red River don’t have parents.

What is Red River in the Boys

When they were babies, Compound V was given to them, but their parents didn’t know what kind of powers they might get. Some kids turn out to be like Starlight, but others have powers that are harder to control and harder to understand. When these kids start to use their skills, they often lose control and hurt the people they love.

Nadia had a similar thing happen to her. As a child, Nadia didn’t know how to control her power, which is one of the most dangerous. This caused her to accidentally kill her family, and she ended up at Red River. She learned to control her powers over time, which made Stan Edgar want to find her.

He gave her a new name and changed her name from Nadia to Victoria Neuman, even though it wasn’t official. While the show makes Red River seem sad, the comics took a different approach. In the comics, they are military contractors owned by Vought who show up to clean up after Supe.

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Who Are the Boys Unwanted Supes?

When Hughie went to the Red River, he saw that some of the kids had strange abilities, like teleporting and walking on walls. There were hints that these kids were either orphans or had been left behind. So, all they had to do was wait for someone to adopt them and take them home.

And the fact that they didn’t have parents could have something to do with the unpredictable effects of Compound V, which could give a child dangerous or unwanted powers. But this part of the story was looked at in The Boys Presents: Diabolical, an animated collection of short stories.

What is Red River in the Boys

In one episode, the characters are unwanted superheroes who live in a group home because their weird powers made no one want them. Some of them had very strange powers that made that episode funny.

These aren’t the kind of heroes that Vought could use or that parents could be proud of, which is why they were thrown into that group home where they could live with other weirdos and use their powers.

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