Who is Fiona Frost in Spy X Family? What is the Relationship Between Fiona and Loid?

Fiona Frost, also known as Agent Nightfall, who is in love with Loid and desires to succeed Yor as his wife, is introduced in the twenty-first episode of Spy x Family.

When Loid drove Anya to his job, Fiona Frost first appeared on the scene. Anya was engaged in a school assignment while Fiona Frost and otherwise agents were present in the hospital where Loid works. Today, Loid will be collaborating with Fiona Frost on a new mission that Slyvia has for him.

They will have to carefully complete the operation without endangering Operation Strix. Fiona Frost is very interested in joining Operation Strix, even if the mission is unquestionably a priority because she wants to be near Lord.

Who is Fiona Frost in Spy X Family?

Fiona Frost eventually gives up on the idea that Loid talks about Yor’s success and actions as a housewife to his coworkers. But he shows up and stops her. Soon after, she sees that behind his fake smile, a little bit of real happiness and joy is leaking through. This makes Fiona sad, so she leaves and tells Twilight about their mission as she goes.

Who is Fiona Frost in Spy X Family

Yor and Fiona run into each other again after their mission, and Fiona decides to play tennis with Twilight to show her that she’s the better choice to be Loid’s wife. But Fiona definitely loses their tennis match, which makes her run away while yelling that she’ll win Twilight’s love in the end.

In Spy x Family, one of the most interesting things about their rivalry is that they are both just as close to Twilight or Loid as the other. Nightfall/Fiona was trained by Twilight and went on many missions with him. Yor, on the other hand, has been busy building a life with Loid that is based on their happiness and investment in each other.

In the process, Yor also comes to care about Loid, just like Nightfall does for Twilight. Both get close to the same man, but from very different points of view and in very different situations.

Yor’s coworkers would talk about how great Loid is and how strange it is that he’s with Yor, but none of them was close enough to know if what they said was true or not.

What is the Relationship Between Fiona and Loid?

Fiona is very aware of what Loid likes and doesn’t like. Over the years that they have worked together, she has watched him. When Yor gives Loid coffee with milk, she notices right away. Fiona knows that Loid doesn’t like milk, but he still drinks some of it to keep his stomach from getting hurt.

Fiona wonders if Loid has changed for Yor and decides that he is acting out a character for Operation Strix. Fiona thinks that Loid’s smile is fake when he tells Yor how he feels about her and tells her that everything is fine. In a scene that goes back in time, we see Loid train Fiona as her mentor.

He says that if you want to be a spy, you have to hide how you really feel. She can remember the many different roles Loid has played over the years.

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Fiona is impressed, and her feelings for Loid grow. When he chases her to give her an umbrella because it’s raining, she tells him about their mission. Fiona made a promise to herself that she would be a better match for Loid as a wife, and she said she would show this on their next mission.

Who is Fiona Frost in Spy X FamilyWho is Fiona Frost in Spy X Family? What is the Relationship Between Fiona and Loid?

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