Who is Goody Addams in Wednesday Series? What Happened to Goody Addams?

In the Netflix show Wednesday, which was written by Miles Millar and Alfred Gough and is based on the characters created by Charles Addams, Jenna Ortega plays the main character, Wednesday Addams. When she starts at Nevermore Academy, she has an unexpected adventure.

As if being a teen wasn’t hard enough, Wednesday is thrown into a growing murder mystery. This is especially hard for Wednesday, who goes against social norms on purpose. Before she got there, several people had already died. Wednesday is the only person who is definitely not involved.

As the legends about the outcasts and the dark history of the school grow, this mystery gets bigger than Wednesday can handle on her own. It threatens the future of Nevermore, the normal people and the outcasts in the area, and most of all Wednesday’s life since the creature seems to be very interested in her.

Who is Goody Addams in Wednesday Series?

A long-dead ancestor of Wednesday’s, Goody Addams, shared the abilities or visions that run in her mother’s line and troubled Wednesday while she was at Nevermore. (How Goody possesses Wednesday’s father’s last name while descended from her mother’s family line is, however, a mystery to the powers that be and quite puzzling.)

Who is Goody Addams in Wednesday Series

When Joseph Crackstone (William Houston), a deeply religious leader of the surrounding town who abhorred the existence of outsiders in the world, targeted and victimized the outcasts, Goody assisted in their rescue. As Wednesday’s research becomes more complicated throughout the season, the ghost of Goody Addams frequently visits her to provide important information.

One vision transports Wednesday back to Goody’s era, allowing her to witness firsthand the battle Goody was engaged in and the highly advanced foe she was facing. A different person directs her to the old Gates mansion, where she finds hidden treasures (such as jars filled with body parts taken from Hyde’s victims).

Even if the encounters and the information acquired appear to have little to do with the monster that prowls around, Wednesday is aware that they serve as training for her anticipated confrontation with the insane Joseph Crackstone. She just has no idea how or why she will have to battle a man from millennia in the past. It won’t take Wednesday very long to find out.

What Happened to Goody Addams in Wednesday Series?

In the last episode of the season, Goody pays Wednesday one last visit. When Marilyn, who goes by the name Laurel Gates and is a distant relative of Joseph Crackstone, uses Wednesday’s blood to open his tomb, it turns out that Goody used her magic to kill Crackstone back in her time.

She killed him and magically sealed him in his tomb, knowing that one day he might be set free to continue his mission to get rid of outcasts from the world. But Laurel brings him back to life, and this time he has his own magical abilities.

He sets fire to Nevermore and kills the outcasts who live there. Wednesday, who knows how to fight, tries to stop him in the crypt right then and there, but his magic gives him the upper hand.

Who is Goody Addams in Wednesday Series

Wednesday can’t move, so Crackstone stabs her in the stomach and leaves her to die on the floor of his old crypt while he and Laurel go to Nevermore to get their revenge. Wednesday’s life force is quickly leaving her body, so Goody comes back to tell her one last thing. She tells Wednesday that Crackstone’s weakness is that he has a black heart, which Wednesday doesn’t understand at the time.

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But before Wednesday can ask any more questions, Goody tells her that the only way for her to live is for her spirit to go through Wednesday’s body and heal her. When you do this, though, the spirit goes away for good. With the information Goody has given her, Wednesday is able to stop Crackstone and save Nevermore for the next battle.

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