Who is Gunpowder in The Boys? Who Plays the Role of Gunpowder?

There are a lot of new characters in season 3 of The Boys, which has made the show even more interesting, no matter how big or small their roles are.

In this way, Gunpowder was one of the new characters introduced in this season, and he played a big role in how the story went this time around. So, in The Boys, who is Gunpowder?

Who is Gunpowder in The Boys?

The Boys’ third season saw the introduction of a large cast of new characters, all of whom had specific purposes in the first three episodes of this Amazon Prime superhero series. Gunpowder was one of the newest characters in that regard to be presented in season 3. What about Gunpowder from The Boys?

Gunpowder is a superhero who was formerly a part of the superhero team Payback before The Seven finally surpassed them as the most popular superhero team in America. Gunpowder was no longer employed as a super in season 3, although he was still a speaker for a pro-gun organization.

Gunpowder joined Payback at the age of 14, as it was Soldier Boy who asked him to be his personal sidekick in the group, it was discovered. Naturally, there was a valid reason why Soldier Boy wanted Gunpowder to be his sidekick—the superhero frequently subjected him to physical and s*xual assault.

Gunpowder originally attempted to dismiss it as merely Payback’s hazing, but he ultimately filed a complaint to be kicked out of the organization, only to be rejected.

Who is Gunpowder in The Boys

It can be assumed from his appearance in the series that his capabilities are connected to his shooting prowess. Other than his outstanding gun skills and the ability to improve his shooting skills with his eyesight, he probably doesn’t have many exceptional abilities. He was able to hit his target by ricocheting a bullet off of surfaces, which demonstrated this.

Gunpowder was one of the supes that traveled to Nicaragua with the entirety of Payback, it was revealed during the flashback scene concerning Grace Mallory and her role with Payback. He was pictured helping Soldier Boy, who was meant to launch a bazooka when Mallory intervened and stopped them.

As the Sandinistas and Russians attacked, Gunpowder was one of the few people to survive, while most of the other Payback members perished.

Who Plays the Role of Gunpowder in the Boys?

Sean Patrick Flanery plays Gunpowder in The Boys. Sean Patrick Flanery has been a popular choice for low- to mid-budget action movies for a long time. He started his career in the late 1980s and has been in a lot of TV shows and movies since then.

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What Happened to Gunpowder in “The Boys”?

Billy Butcher had a mission in mind while researching the weapon that allegedly killed Soldier Boy in the early episodes of The Boy’s season 3 because he thought it would also be powerful enough to kill Homelander. As a result, he looked into Gunpowder and the other Payback members.

All of this was ignored by Gunpowder, who then made an unsuccessful effort to assassinate Billy Butcher in the car park. But when Hughie decided to join The Boys again, Butcher felt inspired and went to see Gunpowder again. He met him in the car park, just next to Gunpowder’s car.

Butcher was shooting at Gunpowder again, trying to elicit information from him, when the supe shot him in the chest directly with his gun. To his amazement, Butcher survived the shot and demonstrated that he shares Homelander’s level of bullet resistance.

Who is Gunpowder in The Boys

It became immediately apparent that Butcher had ingested the V24 drug that Queen Maeve had given him in order to elicit information from Gunpowder and the other Payback members.

Gunpowder was defeated by Butcher in order to get him to tell him all he knew about Soldier Boy. Gunpowder finally caved in and told him about Nicaragua and how the CIA was involved. Butcher killed him by beating him up once again and using his heat vision to slice off a portion of his head.

About Gunpowder

Gunpowder, like many of the other characters in The Boys, is based on the same character from the comics, but there are significant differences between the live-action version and the one from the comics.

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