How Richa Moorjani Made Her Character So Real in Never Have I Ever?

Although Devi is the series’ main protagonist, Kamala’s involvement is more important in terms of the cultural influence of her character. Kamala, Devi’s cousin, moved in with them soon after Mohan passed away. Richa Moorjani portrays the character, who comes out as unsophisticated, naive, and readily captivated by the intricacies of western culture.

She is a PhD student at Caltech and is quite intelligent, but she is more well-known for her amazing looks than anything else. She does, in fact, have a lot of “pretty privilege” throughout the series.

The main purpose of using Kamala in a story is to illustrate several conventional Indian and female stereotypes. By doing so, she gradually disproves those same stereotypes through instances of rebellion and personal development.

How Richa Moorjani Made Her Character So Real in Never Have I Ever?

She also said, When I found out I would be playing a character with an accent, I wanted to make sure the character was as true to life as possible. That she would not be the last part of a joke.

How Richa Moorjani Made Her Character So Real in Never Have I Ever

I love that Kamala’s humour isn’t just because of her accent. What makes her funny are the bad things that happen to her. And that’s funny because comedy comes from pain. I was glad that the show’s creators wrote it so that the characters were never the joke, but always part of the story.

Kamala, who is played by Richa Moorjanin, is almost forced into an arranged marriage. When asked if she had felt this kind of pressure in real life, Richa said, “I think all South Asian women have had to deal with it. Yes, I’m married now, and I chose the person I married. But before that, I was single, and I felt the pressure that so many young women feel, whether they are South Asian or not.

My parents never forced me into a marriage that they had set up for me. People I know have been in arranged marriages, but it’s not always the forced situation that people think of when they hear the term. Here, it’s more like a dating app where the parents are the algorithm.”

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What Challenges Did Kamala Experience on the Job?

Kamala gets the chance to work for a very smart person at Cal-Tech, but she has to deal with Evan, who is his assistant. Evan doesn’t take her work seriously and makes her do all the menial tasks. When she talks to Prashant about these problems, he tells her to keep her head down and keep working until they get tired and stop.

Throughout the season, this pattern keeps happening: Kamala’s bosses don’t respect her, and when she tells Prashant, he acts like it’s not that big of a deal.

Evan leaves her name off a key research paper, even though it was based on her work. She talks to their boss about it, but he tells her it’s not a good look to complain and seems “difficult,” which Prashant agrees with. Devi’s opinion is what finally makes Kamala realize that she needs to stand up for herself because she’s being treated unfairly.

How Richa Moorjani Made Her Character So Real in Never Have I Ever

In another moment of character growth, she says what she thinks and feels good about it. By the end of the second season, Kamala has changed a lot from who she was at the beginning, but she still has one more problem to solve.

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