Where is Tom Hagen? Who is Tom Hagen, Anne-Elisabeth Hagen’s Husband?

The Netflix show “The Lrenskog Disappearance” is about a crime that the police couldn’t figure out. Anne-Elisabeth Hagen left her home in the middle of the day in October 2018 and was never seen again. The people who took her left a ransom note for her husband, Tom Hagen, in which they told him not to talk to the police, or they would hurt his wife.

The show tells the story from the point of view of the detectives who work on a case for years that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. Soon, the police begin to wonder if they’ve been doing things wrong.

People start to wonder if Tom Hagen had anything to do with his wife going missing. Even though the story doesn’t tell us what happens to Anne-Elisabeth, we wonder what happened to her husband. What happened to Tom Hagen? Let’s find out.

Who is Tom Hagen, Anne-Elisabeth Hagen’s Husband?

Tom Hagen is a businessman whose net worth is estimated to be £46 million, or 550 million Norwegian kroner. In 1999, he was on the list of Norway’s 400 richest people. Since then, his net worth has gone up because of how well his businesses are doing. He sells electricity to businesses and builds and rents out homes.

Where is Tom Hagen

He also helped start the company Elkraft, which sells electricity. As of 2022, the business magazine Kapital said that Hagen was the 184th richest person in Norway. Tom and Anne-Elisabeth, whose friends called her “Lisbeth,” met when they were young.

In 1979, they got married. They have three children together and lived together in Fjellhamar, which is 12 miles outside of Oslo.

Where is Tom Hagen?

Tom Hagen lives in Lrenskog, but he hasn’t talked too much to the media about his wife. He has only talked about it in detail in an interview with NRK. In that interview, he said that he was shocked when the police arrested him for allegedly killing his wife in April 2020. After looking into Anne-disappearance Elisabeth’s for months and coming up with nothing, the police decided to try something else.

At first, they thought Anne-Elisabeth was taken for ransom, but the people who took her didn’t seem too interested in getting the money. Even though we tried to talk to them over and over, they didn’t respond well. The fact that they didn’t show proof that Anne-Elisabeth was alive made the police think that something else was going on.

They thought that her death was being hidden by saying she was taken away. Tom Hagen was stopped by the police on his way to work on April 25, 2020. The police thought that Tom and Anne-Elisabeth had not been getting along well lately. The authorities also found that Anne-Elisabeth had looked up divorce on the internet.

So, people thought that if the divorce had gone through, Tom Hagen would have had to give up a lot of his money. This was a possible reason why he killed her, so he was charged with murder.

But the prosecution’s arguments didn’t hold up well in court, and Hagen was freed after 11 days after an appeal against the remand that had been approved. Since then, the police haven’t found anything to show that Hagen had anything to do with his wife going missing. When the suspicion turned to Hagen, he was also put on trial in the media.

Where is Tom Hagen

However, when the charges against him were thrown out in court, things calmed down. During the investigation, his children have been there for him. Hagen said that the years after his wife went missing were “difficult years.” He told NRK, “There is a lot of emptiness after someone you’ve lived with for 50 years dies.”

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Tom said this about the rumours about his marriage: “Not many people have been in a marriage that has lasted for about 50 years: But people who have lived know that life is full of ups and downs. Lisbeth and I have found that our marriage has been good. But, like everyone else, we’ve hit some bumps in the road.

There’s nothing to be ashamed of.” Hagen has always said that he didn’t have anything to do with Anne-disappearance, Elisabeth’s even though the investigation into her disappearance is still going on, and many people still think he did.

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