Why Did Commander Lawrence Approve of Putnam’s Death? Let’s Explore Here!

Commander Putnam’s sudden and quick death is the second big change for a major character in The Handmaid’s Tale season 5. Here are the things that happen before his death and why the character dies. The latest episode of The Handmaid’s Tale on Hulu takes the story in a lot of different directions.

There are a lot of surprises and shocking turns. Commander Putnam has to eat a bullet right after having dinner with his wife. This is one of the plot twists.

Why Did Commander Lawrence Approve of Putnam’s Death?

Commander Putnam and Naomi Putnam are having dinner together while all the other Gilead elites keep staring at them. Naomi talks about the strange amount of attention they are getting. Putnam doesn’t know that everyone has heard about his disgusting act, so he thinks it must be about something Naomi will thank him for.

Why Did Commander Lawrence Approve Putnam's Death

He is probably talking about the fact that Esther will have their new child. But what really happens is very different from what he thinks.
When the guards show up, they drag him outside and put him in front of Commanders Lawrence and Nick.

The two tell the confused creep that he is guilty of apostasy for raping an unassigned property at a high court session last night. Putnam replies that he hasn’t done any sins of the flesh because Esther is his servant. But the two commanders don’t care, and when the kneeling creep says he’s about to have a child, Nick shoots him in the head and kills him instantly.

In Episode 8 of Season 5 of The Handmaid’s Tale, Lawrence says that he regrets helping to establish the Republic. He merely did so in the hopes of reversing the population decline. Now, Lawrence aims to remove religious fanaticism from Gilead. He intends to establish a New Bethlehem community, free of handmaids and executions, to which refugees can return.

Nick’s face is covered with blood, and everyone in the room, including Naomi, gasps in shock and horror. Even though Commander Putnam’s punishment is for apostasy and not for rape, he still gets a bullet in the head, putting an end to his monstrosity.


Putnam’s History of S*xual Violence

Commander Putnam had done bad things like raping Esther long before he was shot in the head for it. As punishment for raping a woman, he lost his hand.

This shows what a horrible person he is. This time, though, Gilead’s punishment was changed to death, and Commander Putnam gets it in a quick series of events that leaves a whole group of beholders gasping at how quickly and coldly he dies. Putnam was always a creep who did his dirty deeds like all the other bad guys in Gilead, except he didn’t like all the patience and ceremony talk.

So, when Esther’s aunt Lydia brings her to the house, Commander Putnam tells the girl to meet him alone. Esther was s*xually assaulted by him while he looked at her in a perverted way and talked in a slimy way. This traumatized girl then went crazy and poisoned Janine and herself.

About Aunt Lydia

When the doctor tells Aunt Lydia that Esther was raped, she is the first person to find out. She goes to see the young girl who is awake again after being in a coma. During his visit to remove Esther’s uterus, the doctor found out that she is pregnant.

Why Did Commander Lawrence Approve Putnam's Death

He told Lydia, who was shocked. Aunt Lydia, who is very religious, still asks Esther if she might have given Commander Putnam an invitation, whether she knew it or not.

Esther has every right to be frustrated and angry with her for being so doubtful. She tells Aunt Lydia that she was raped, and Aunt Lydia is shocked. This makes Esther mad, but she says she’s not shocked because this always happens.

All the commanders do it, Esther says as she starts to scream as loud as she can from her hospital bed.

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