Is Poong Woon-ho Dead From 20th Century Girl? Who is Poong Woon-ho?

Bang Woo-ri wrote and directed the romantic drama 20th Century Girl. In the South Korean film, Na Bo-ra is a teen who says she will find out more about her best friend’s crush. But Bo-ra soon gets caught up in a love story of her own. This leads to an enchanting, feel-good ride that will make people miss the good old days.

But the film ends on a sad note because Bo-love ra’s interest, Woon-ho, dies. So, people must be interested in what happened to Woon-ho. In that case, here is everything you need to know about Poong Woon-ho Die from the Netflix show “20th Century Girl.”

Who is Poong Woon-ho?

In “20th Century Girl,” Poong Woon-ho is a new student who starts at Bo-school ra’s when the new school year begins. His parents are no longer together, and he lives in Korea with his father. Woon-mother ho’s and younger brother, on the other hand, live in New Zealand. Woon-ho is quiet and sad after his parents split up, but he starts to smile when he starts to like Bo-ra.

Is Poong Woon-ho Dead From 20th Century Girl

The two eventually start dating, but Bo-ra breaks up with them to protect Yeon-feelings. du’s Woon-ho will later move to New Zealand to live with his mother, and Yeon-du will help Bo-ra get back together with her love. At the station, Woon-ho tells Bo-ra how he feels about her and says he will keep in touch.

He keeps in touch with Bo-ra through emails, and the two of them make plans to go to the same college in Seoul. But after the New Year’s Eve party in 2000, Woon-ho disappears, and Bo-ra can no longer reach him.

Joseph, Woon-younger ho’s brother, tells everyone at the end that Woon-ho has died.

Is Poong Woon-ho Dead From 20th Century Girl?

When Woon-ho stops answering her texts and phone calls, it breaks Bo-heart. ra’s The teenager feels sad because Woon-ho left her life all of a sudden. But until the end, she never finds out why Woon-ho stops talking to her. Bo-ra gets a letter and a VHS tape from an artist named Joseph.

In the letter, he invites her to an art show. Joseph tells everyone at the art gallery that he is Woon-younger ho’s brother and that Woon-ho died almost fifteen years ago. Bo-ra goes back to the house where she grew up and watches the VHS tape there. On the tape, Bo-ra talks about her time in school and with Woon-ho and her friends.

In the end, Woon-last ho’s message to Bo-ra is on the video, and he tells her he loves her. Woon-ho says in the video that he is going to Korea soon to meet Bo-ra.

But, before he could meet Bo-ra, Woon-ho died in a tragic accident. The film doesn’t say what killed Woon-ho, but Joseph talks about how sad he was that Woon-ho went to Korea to meet Bo-ra. So, it seems likely that Woon-ho died on his way to Korea, most likely in an accident. When Woon-fate ho’s is revealed, it ends his relationship with Bo-ra on a sad note.

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Bo-ra is deeply affected by Woon-death ho’s because she thinks of him as her “forever” person. So, Bo-memories ra’s of Woon-ho will last forever, and she will always love him. So, Woon-death ho’s gives the film a sad ending, but it also gives the story a unique taste of love.

Is Poong Woon-ho Dead From 20th Century Girl

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