Is Reasonable Doubt On Amazon Prime? Is the Story of This Series Real?

Read this article to clear up any confusion about how to watch Reasonable Doubt. Raamla Mohamed (‘Grey’s Anatomy’) created the legal drama series ‘Reasonable Doubt,’ which stars Emayatzy Corinealdi (‘Evil’). It follows Jax Stewart, Los Angeles’ most powerful private defence attorney.

Her wild interpretation of the law gets her into a lot of trouble, but her fearless personality makes her a formidable opponent in court. The plot investigates legal loopholes and inconsistencies, leaving viewers wondering whether the series is based on actual incidents or true stories.

If you’re curious, here’s everything we’ve learned about the inspiration behind ‘Reasonable Doubt.’

Series Reasonable Doubt
Genre    Legal Drama  
Created by          Raamla Mohamed
Country of Origin United States
OTT Platform Hulu
No of Seasons 1

Is Reasonable Doubt On Amazon Prime?

Reasonable Doubt series is not available on Amazon Prime at the moment. But you can watch Reasonable Doubt on platforms other than Netflix. Reasonable Doubt is a show made by Hulu, and you can watch it there. To watch it in the US, you have to sign up for the streaming service. At the moment, you can subscribe to Hulu with or without ads.

Is Reasonable Doubt On Amazon Prime

Reasonable Doubt Cast: Who Were the Part of This Series?

  • Jacqueline is played by Emayatzy Corinealdi.
  • Lewis is played by McKinley Freeman.
  • Daniel is played by Tim Jo.
  • Rich Reed is played by Christopher Cassarino.
  • Krystal Walters is played by Angela Grovey.
  • Naima is played by Aderinsola Olabode.
  • Damon Cooke is played by Michael Ealy.

Is the Story of Reasonable Doubt Real?

No, “Reasonable Doubt” is not based on a real story. The creator and showrunner of the drama series is Raamla Mohamed, who is known for writing for hit shows like “Scandal” and “Little Fires Everywhere.” But “Grey’s Anatomy,” which she helped make, is what she is best known for. Mohamed’s first work as a creator and showrunner is the show “Reasonable Doubt.”

It’s about Jax Stewart and looks at the typical elements of a legal drama through his worldview and ideas. Even though the premise is made up, Stewart’s character is said to be loosely based on famous lawyer Shawn Holley. She went to law school at UCLA and Southwestern University. She started out as a public defender for Los Angeles County.

Where Was Reasonable Doubt Series Filmed?

All the scenes for “Reasonable Doubt” were shot in California, specifically in Los Angeles. The first season of the drama show’s main filming seems to have started in April 2022 and ended in June of the same year. California has made important contributions to many different fields, such as entertainment, sports, economics, politics, communication, innovation, and information.


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Also, California’s varied landscape makes it a good place to film many different kinds of movies. Now, without further ado, let’s take you to all the specific places where the Hulu series takes place. Most of the important scenes in “Reasonable Doubt” were shot in and around Los Angeles, which is the biggest city in California.

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From what I can see, it looks like the cast and crew travel around the city to film different scenes in different places. The City of Angels is in Southern California and has both flat and hilly areas.

Official Trailer of Reasonable Doubt


Reasonable Doubt is a legal drama series created by Raamla Mohamed and stars Emayatzy Corinealdi. It follows Jax Stewart, Los Angeles’ most powerful private defence attorney, as she investigates legal loopholes and inconsistencies. The series is not based on a real story, but viewers can watch it on Hulu with or without ads.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Release Date of Reasonable Doubt?

On September 27, 2022, Reasonable Doubt came out.

How Many Episodes Does Reasonable Doubt Have?

Reasonable Doubt is a series that has a total of 9 episodes.

Who Plays the Main Role in Reasonable Doubt?

In the Reasonable Doubt series, Emayatzy Corinealdi plays the main character.

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