Who is Sam Rothberg From Fleishman Is in Trouble? Who Portrays the Role of Sam Rothberg?

In the third episode of Fleishman Is in Trouble, Toby thinks Rachel is with a man named Sam Rothberg after he thinks about the past. Josh Stamberg is the one who plays the part. Toby has been trying to get in touch with Rachel for weeks. At first, it seemed normal, since Toby knew that she could be like that sometimes.

When he saw that she had been gone longer than usual, he started to worry. Toby was relieved when a group of Rachel’s friends told him at the market that they had just seen her sleeping in the park. Toby walked back to his house and tried to figure out where Rachel had been the whole time and how she got to the park.

He went back to the day they decided to stop being married. They were having dinner with their friends that night. Back in the kitchen, Rachel and Toby kept arguing with each other. When they went back out to join their guests, everyone acted like they were playing a game.

It meant that they had to say who they would sleep with if their partner didn’t notice. Rachel took the name Sam Rothberg because she didn’t know that everyone was using the names of famous people.

Who is Sam Rothberg From Fleishman Is in Trouble?

Who is Sam Rothberg From Fleishman Is in Trouble

Toby thought that Rachel had been with Sam Rothberg and not with their kids the whole time. Rachel and Toby spent New Year’s Eve two years ago with the same family friend, Sam Rothberg. Rachel had asked Sam to give Toby a high-paying job at his company, which he did. Toby was angry because the job was the opposite of everything he had worked hard for.

He never worked for money. He did what he did because he liked it. Right after that conversation, Toby talked to Rachel again. Rachel, unlike Toby, tried to live like Sam Rothberg, who is very wealthy. Toby didn’t know where she would go now that she was no longer married. She might be looking for someone else to be with, just like he did.

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He looked at Rothberg’s social media and found that he had been in the same area as Rachel. Toby should knock on Sam Rothberg’s door next to find out if he knows anything about Rachel.

Who Portrays the Role of Sam Rothberg?

Sam Rothberg, played by Josh Stamberg in Fleishman Is in Trouble, is “everything Rachel wished Toby were: ambitious, successful, tall, and at home among the wealthy.”

Who is Sam Rothberg From Fleishman Is in Trouble

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