The Catholic School Ending Explained: What Happened to the Three Killers?

The Italian drama The Catholic School is based on the true story of “The Circeo Massacre,” which happened in September 1975. You can now watch the film on Netflix. At the beginning of The Catholic School, a girl in a car screams for help while a boy walks away. Then we go back six months before the tragedy happened.

Edoardo tells the story of the event that changed everything for everyone, including their education, their neighborhood, and their school.

The Catholic School Ending Explained

“The Catholic School,” which is based on a true story, takes us back to the 1970s, when the Circeo Massacre, one of Rome’s most horrible events, happened. This film is a must-see for those of us who love exciting thrillers because it has a great cast. Angelo Izzo, Andrea Ghira, and Gianni Guido are three “daddy’s boys” who grew up in middle-class families.

They go to mass every week, but that doesn’t keep them from committing the worst sin possible. As students at an all-male Catholic school, their s*xuality is unclear and confusing, which drives them to do crazy things to satisfy their lust. The three people who did this also had hard lives at home and at school.

The Catholic School Ending Explained

Their only choices are to control or be controlled. As the narrator makes clear, after the Circeo Massacre, life in their town will never be the same. Through a mutual friend, the boys meet Donatella and Rosaria, who will later become their victims. They decide to take them to dinner and a film.

Because the boys are attracted to the two beautiful Italian girls, they get them to go to Andrea’s villa, where terrible things happen. Donatella and Rosalia try to go home after a long night of drinking so that they don’t wake up their parents. Gianni and Angelo then pointed guns at the girls and locked them in the bathroom as a threat.

Donatella and Rosalia have no choice but to obey because they are weak and afraid for their lives. Gianni and Angelo start raping and torturing Donatella and Rosalia right away, even before Andrea gets to the villa.

In the end, they tell the girls that Andrea gave them the order to do what they did. One of the people who were raped, kicked, and starved for days ends up being the only one who makes it out alive.

What Happened to the Three Killers?

After the incident, the neighborhood’s tranquility shifted. People were wary, and nobody felt secure. During the time of the Circeo massacre, rape was regarded as a violation of public decency rather than a criminal against the person.

Rosaria Lopez’s death and Donatella Colasanti’s torture sparked a discussion that lasted until 1996 when s*xual violence was finally recognized as a crime against the person.

The Catholic School Ending Explained

The three atrocity offenders were each given life sentences. Angelo Izzo killed two additional women after being released on parole for good behavior in 2005.

Andrea Ghira died in Morocco in 1994, having evaded capture and lived his entire life as a fugitive. Giovanni Guido has been free since 2009, following a sentence reduction.

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