Who is Simon the Devious From What We Do in the Shadows?

Simon the Devious is a vampire who has been at odds with Laszlo for a long time because of a witch’s hat. Nick Kroll plays him on the show. In the latest episode of “What We Do in the Shadows,” Simon the Devious comes back to cause trouble for the Staten Island vampires. But what is his history with them?

Who is Simon the Devious From What We Do in the Shadows?

Simon the Devious is a vampire who owns the Sassy Cat nightclub and is in charge of all the vampires in Manhattan. He was a close friend of the three vampires from Staten Island when they first came to America.

He can’t stop thinking about Laszlo’s hat, which is made of witch skin and is cursed. The Baron told Nandor, Laszlo, Nadja, and Colin in season 1 of “What We Do in the Shadows” to take over the new world, so they decide to go see Simon the Devious, the leader of the Manhattan vampires, for help.

Simon is also in charge of a group of people called the Leather Skins. They do what he says. Laszlo and Nadja have known Simon since the 1800s, but they haven’t seen him for a long time.

They go to his club to make an alliance, but Simon says he will only agree if Laszlo gives him the witch skin hat he has. Laszlo is crazy about the hat, but Nadja thinks it is cursed. Simon uses every dirty trick in the book to get Laszlo’s hat, then betrays them and kicks them out of his club.

He tries to attack them with a burning arrow, but the cursed hat causes his nightclub to blow up instead. Later, when Simon is in the hospital getting better from his injuries, Laszlo gets the hat from him.

Simon the Devious has a hard time after the destruction of his nightclub. He loses most of his crew and starts living in the sewers. When he shows up at their door, Nadja suggests that they let him in and help him get back on his feet. Laszlo still doesn’t trust Simon’s true intentions, so he starts to feel paranoid.

Who is Simon the Devious From What We Do in the Shadows

He tells Simon that he was trying to steal his hat, but Simon was actually making gifts for the other housemates. In the end, Simon gives up the act and calls a house meeting to figure out who gets Laszlo’s witch skin hat. He gets into a fight with Laszlo, which sends them back into the sewers.

There, Simon tells Laszlo that his crew is still with him and that he has the upper hand. He says that his need for the hat came from being jealous of how well Nadja and Laszlo got along and that this need is more important to him than being in charge of his crew.

Simon then realizes that his foot got stuck to a metal grate when he was changing between bat and human form while wearing the hat. Laszlo takes the hat back, and after Simon’s harsh words, his crew leaves him to drown in the sewer.

Home Renovation

Bran and Toby Daltry, twin brothers have a reality show called “Go Flip Yourself” where they go to run-down houses and fix them up, paying a visit to the Staten Island vampires.

After Nadja kills Toby by accident, she makes Bran and the rest of the crew think that Toby is sick, so they can keep going with the show. Bran has a lot of great ideas for how to make their mansion look better. One of them is to turn Laszlo and Nadja’s room into a walk-in closet for Him and Her where Laszlo can keep his hats.

When it’s time for the big reveal, the vampires see that the house hasn’t changed much except for a few small things that don’t matter. Bran takes them to the finished walk-in closet, and when Laszlo notices that his witch skin hat is missing, he finds out that Bran is really Simon the Devious in disguise.

Simon says he made a whole show with more than 100 episodes just to get into their house and steal the hat again. He even brings up the Leather Skins again, who is pretending to be part of his crew. Simon leaves after he has said his piece, but the curse makes him fly right into the window sill.

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In a sneak peek at the next episode of Go Flip Yourself, Simon is seen wearing the witch skin hat and showing a couple the changes to their house. When he tries to turn on a gas stove, the house blows up, leaving Simon’s future uncertain.

Who Played the Role of Simon the Devious?

In What We Do in the Shadows, Nick Kroll played Simon the Devious. American Nicholas Kroll is a voice actor, comedian, writer, producer, and actor.

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